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  1. M

    On line courses

    Do you know any good ones?
  2. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Does anyone know how to tell what the heck all of these degrees mean?

    I have decided to look into enrolling in the local university. I'm looking over their curriculum and can't seem to figure out what all these abbreviations mean. There's BA, BS, MA, OT, and all sorts of abbreviations that seem to link these courses to one another. I'm trying to figure out what...
  3. G

    just hi

    Hi, new to the forum but not mental health problems. Last week I was discharged from hospital after a five week stay and a new cocktail of meds, venlafaxine 300mg, mirtazapine 30mg and quetiapine 150mg. Also needing to take zopiclone to sleep. I've no diagnoses and feeling somewhat lost at the...
  4. cpuusage

    Browse Over 40 Courses from Yale University

    http://www.learnoutloud.com/Results/Publisher/Yale-University/785 More here - http://www.learnoutloud.com/content/blog/archives/free_online_courses/
  5. O

    I'm supposed to he having fun...

    I'm a third year psych student in university, things were going okay for my first few years, I struggled with depression and self harm throughout highschool but then I met my first girlfriend (which was great because I have major anxiety around girls) and was enjoying my classes. Last summer...
  6. Nikita

    MIND SMILE Courses!

    Just attended on of MIND's Smile courses meant to help you recover from mental illness,advertised as lifestyle balance,learn to manage emotions ,deal with stress/anger etc. The woman was horrible who was running it.She was arrogant,brash and in your face before she got to know you and talked...
  7. C


    Flintshire Advocacy Services North Wales 1 The Podium, Ambrose Lloyd Centre, New Street, Mold, Flintshire CH7 1NP 01352 759332 [email protected] The advocacy service is structurally independent from statutory organisations. The service is designed and operates in a way which is free...

    Admin work.

    I think I could be happy doing this sort of thing. Like the bloke who ticked off all my courses at the Recovery College. He probably has a spreadsheet, and just ticks them off. And in a nice office. This sort of job would suit me. Maybe I could impress them with my Excel skills too. Not that I...

    Recovery College.

    I have a local recovery college, sponsored by the trust. I have booked on quite a few courses. Mainly mindfulness, and employment issues. I have been out of work for a while now, and feel it is time I used the recovery college services. I went to one session last year, and it was nice to meet...
  10. pepecat

    Evning classes that promise to make you happy.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34292274 The Dalai Lama has given his blessing to a new course of evening classes, available across the UK, promising to make participants happier… and the world a better place. The eight-week course, designed by the Action for Happiness organisation, claims to be...
  11. H

    Recovery college?

    I met with my pdoc on Monday and skimmed over things but did say I was withdrawing and not going out much due to feeling it was not worth it. Around a couple of years ago and because at that time I was feeling high and productive, I looked into the above college and the concepts around it...
  12. L

    Feel like overdosing

    Having really bad weekend and just wish could overdose. Do others overdose in the hope it is going to work and you are just going to be at peace and be with those lost before? I keep being made to feel so guilty about ruining the lives of those left behind makes it difficult. Sometimes head...
  13. L


    I have been ill for about 5 years after reaching the wrong age. After many tablets, courses etc I don't think I will ever find my old self again. Makes me so sad as I enjoyed life as the old me.
  14. C


    Stamford StartaFresh - Befriending Group Christ Church Green Lane Stamford Lincolnshire PE9 1HE 01780 766446 07950 464093 Monday, Thursday and Friday 1.00pm to 3.00pm StartaFresh provides befriending and mentoring support for vulnerable adults in and around Stamford who have encountered a...
  15. C


    Herefordshire Herefordshire Mind Recovery and Wellbeing Heffernan House HR4 9HN 01432 278569 [email protected] Services include: Residential Nursing Support Community Support Team Recovery & Wellbeing Community Outreach Safe Space Peer Support Carers in Mind Complementary...
  16. C


    Carlisle/Eden Carlisle Eden Mind 01768 899 002 A local charity supporting people who feel distressed or isolated. We want to help you to become more positive about yourself, hopeful about the future, in control and able to deal with life’s setbacks. Services: Mental health training courses...
  17. C

    North Lincolnshire

    Scun thorpe Scun thorpe and District Mind Printers Yard Fenton Street Sc unthorpe DN15 6QX 01724 279500 [email protected] Services Offered Peer Support Sessions (every weekday afternoon) One to one active listening service: to provide you with support, information/signposting and guided...
  18. C

    County Durham

    Durham ARCH Recovery College Equipping people with the skills and knowledge they need to manage their recovery, have hope and gain more control over their lives A recovery college is a learning centre, where service users, carers and staff enrol as students to attend courses based on recovery...
  19. C

    City of Edinburgh

    Edinburgh Crisis Skylight 0131 209 7700 [email protected] Crisis Skylight Edinburgh works with single people who are homeless and vulnerably housed. We offer structured 12-week courses, taster sessions and one-to-one support to help people learn, develop skills and improve their...
  20. C


    Southend on Sea Trustlinks Westcliff site Growing Together Westcliff 47, Fairfax Drive, Westcliff-on-sea, Essex SS0 9AG. Shoebury site Growing Together Shoeburyness Elm Road (next to The Woodlands) Shoeburyness Essex SS3 9RZ Tel: 01702 213 134 E-mail: [email protected] Opening hours...