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  1. E

    How do I deal with this depression when I can't seek anyone's help?

    Hello everyone. This my is my first post and I jumped right to writing this after reading some basic rules so sorry if I'm doing something wrong. Also sorry if this post is long, I just need to vent this out. I literally have no one to talk to about this. (Note: I'm only asking for...
  2. BetaMale

    Should I feel guilty about retiring at the age of 30?

    I have bipolar, OCD and psychosis due to which I'm still doing my bachelor's at the grand old age of 29. I have 6 more courses to go and after completing them, I want to retire and learn some life skills that include driving and cooking. I'm an editor of Wikipedia and would like to pursue that...
  3. H

    I AM HOPE - Comedian Brings Hope to Many

    There's a comedian in New Zealand called Mike King. He's been involved in a campaign to help people who experience self doubt and low self worth to the point of suicidal ideation or worse. He has travelled the country speaking from town to town, telling his own life story and sharing his amazing...
  4. O

    Struggling with depression after losing my wife, my mother, business

    Hello Everyone, I now need to reach out and get some support as I have been struggling for a long time with depression and is not getting much better. Basically the love of my wife whom I have given up everything for left me and found someone else a few weeks after my mother died. My mother was...
  5. A

    Systematic chemical violence

    Has anyone else been victim of systematic chemical violence? I even left my original country because of it! The biggest reason for the hatred for the country I left behind is deliberate bombardment by antipsychotics (Diagnose ADHD), cannabis (I told on 2004 for the ADHD-therapist that it causes...
  6. W

    Am I depressed? I can't cry and I barely feel emotion

    Hello everyone how are you doing, I just wanted to talk with you all about the situation I am currently in as I'm not sure who to talk with about this. About 4 years ago I've moved countries, the initial experience was good but later on as the school year started I'd find myself isolated...
  7. S

    im having a nightmare

    So first ive been locked up in a mental hospital for 1,5 months . Then I got arrested for a month now my parents thinks Im sick and i need to get better and they wont let me go to school this semester which is in a different country. So im locked up in my parents house for almost 6 months and...
  8. S

    anger, mania bullying

    My husband's personality has completely changed to an angry nasty person who says he feels nothing for me at all. He suffers from depression and anxiety ...I am not sure what an accurate diagnosis is for him. I am his third wife. He has a tendency to shut down, I never knew how badly. He moved...
  9. M

    If I moved country what would happen to the cto Im on?

    Would it be canceled as they have no jurisdiction in foreign countries ?
  10. N

    lifes not worth living

    I feel lifes not worth living. I cant see the future getting better. Im partially disabled plus im paranoid schizophrenic when outside i just get really paranoid. Cant stand the foreigners with there crued alien tongue. I'd just like to live in the country but here house prices are so expensive...
  11. W

    Panic/aniexty when driving car

    Hey was wondering if anyone else had the same problems as me and if they overcame it. I've been having trouble driving on motor ways in fear of having a panic attack and aniexty, intrusive thoughts started the whole thing. I just don't know how did get above it, I tried to drive on motor way...
  12. D

    I'm not recovering

    Hey, I'm going through a lot of problems including depression, anxiety, hearing voices, sleeping problems, diet etc. I'm not being able to achieve the recovery I want. I live in a 3rd world country and considering my options in a foreign country. Home treatment is not working for me...
  13. P

    needing friends to talk to

    hello everyone im from indonesia specifically jember city if anyone is close to me please reply to this! i would really appreciate it... we can talk and get to know each other.. thank you! im in need of friends that live in the same country as me
  14. V

    I'm new and really need some help.

    Hi everyone - I'm new here. I've been suffering for a long time. I can trace it back and pinpoint the exact moment my life started to turn and my personality and disorder started to begin. I dont know much about whats going on - and im hoping all your experience might be able to help. I've...
  15. A

    Misanthropy, misandry - hatred

    Hello again, as person who wants to understand himself and reading about my diseases I also want to understand why I am misanthrope, but highly oriented to misandry. I am male, straight one. I consider only same gender relationships normal btw. I have disgust with anything not normal sexually...
  16. I

    How am I supposed to walk out of it?

    I came from a broken family, I was a victim of child/sexual abuse. My ex GF was from a broken family too - her mom migrated to another country to live with her boyfriend, her dad was always outstation/overseas with his girlfriend, her brother doesn't go home often. We are closeted gay people but...
  17. vanish

    Feeling freaked

    I am having this weird skin crawling sensation I haven't had for years of bugs crawling under my skin. It's kinda freaking me out to be honest. I think I am in some sort of weird delayed shock from the car accident yesterday. I'm also hearing sing-song voice (Asher) telling me I deserved to die...
  18. D

    Suicide seems to be only option

    I'm going to keep this as short as possible because, well I don't even know why I'm posting here. I have been suffering from depression, anxiety and OCD for a long time now and taking Escitalopram for over 5 years (which is not working anymore). I tried to stop taking it and got terribly sick...
  19. A

    I need advice...

    I'm still in love with him...but he isn't sure if we'll get back together....knowing my feelings for him he still offered for me to move in...but in may hes got the chance to move across the country and start over... his ex made a blog post...calling me a slut that ruined his life...and now I'm...
  20. H

    Hello There

    Hi everybody. You can call me Hat. I come from a muslim country but I'm currently living abroad. I'm not religious at all (even though in my country I have to say I am). I'm an agnostic at best and some call me an atheist. I work in IT. Anyway, I'm here for some marital problems that I think may...