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  1. M

    Mental Health Assessment

    Went to the doctor's today for my mental health assessment. As usual I sort of froze up and hid behind my walls. I had to recall some upsetting things that had happened over the last year and it felt like I was caught back in the trap of dwelling. He prompted me to discuss in more depth what had...
  2. L

    Does CBT work? What other options are there?

    Hi, brief overview, I have been struggling with depression since 2008, I have been on a bunch of meds. Last year I was really struggling and decided to sign up for some therapy, I got 17 sessions of CBT from a therapist which I think helped me understand more about the depression, and how to...
  3. S

    I’m afraid to go to counselling.

    I always had a problem verbalizing my feelings, so I never did. Actually, this is my fist time trying to describe what I’m feeling because I really don’t know what to do anymore. I have to reach out to somebody even if that someone is a total stranger on the internet. I’m 25-year-old female and...
  4. F

    Is this acceptable behaviour from a doctor?

    Hi, I have just signed up so not sure if this is the right place to post this. Just a note this isn't a post bashing all doctors. I have had personal experience with some amazing doctors who have helped me and put me on the right path. Tl;dr - Went to see doctor for anxiety meds and...
  5. R

    I'm a counsellor trainee and have no been experiencing problems

    I am having extreme anxiety with facial twitchs and a falling sensation in my head I assume this is adrenaline when sitting in front of a client. I am trying to listen to them and be present but my mind is racing. I have been given venaxfline to take but haven't started it yet I'm just worried...
  6. A

    What should I do?

    I’ve been seeing a new counsellor regularly since summer this year and I’ve recently recognised that I’ve grown really attached to him. I’ve never been one to open up to anyone, i always kept things from family and generally dealt with my problems internally and through self harm. Over time...
  7. M


    I Got referred to primary mental health by my GP who wanted me to get counselling as id tried CBT and it hadnt worked then i had a telephone assesment thing with a nurse in primary who told me she could put me on a counselling course but bases on what i was saying she has to refer me to...
  8. S

    Hey! Seeking advice pls

    My name's Shaun, I'm a 21 year old and have suffered with some quite bad depression and anxiety over the last year/18months. I've finally with the help of my girlfriend reached out and have been referring for NHS counselling. However I'm really struggling to make myself commit to help. I had...
  9. A

    Do other people suffer?

    This is the first time I've posted - I hope this makes sense! I suffer from anxiety, a year or so ago I was on anti-depressants, but I decided to try to face my demons. I felt numb on the tablets, they definitely worked, but I wasnt addressing the root of my issues. I took counselling for 6...
  10. S

    I can't cope.

    I don't know where to start. It's a long story. I was diagnosed with PTSD last year after the birth of our first child. He was born two months prem, severely poorly. We watched him being resuscitated, again and again, sure he was going to die. Luckily, by some God-given miracle he pulled...
  11. M

    Brunt of husband's anger

    I posted previously about my husband's breakdown. He has since been treated with antidepressants and is about to undergo CBT. He is 'well' enough to work and function but throughout the whole period of time since his breakdown he has been hideous to me; viewing me as the main cause of his...
  12. M

    Husband is mentally altered

    Hi. My husband left the week before christmas. I initially thought that he was reacting to a row we had but then his family contacted me to say they were concerned he'd had a breakdown. His 'symptoms' are the following: can't make eye contact, physical contact makes him feel sick, depressive...
  13. L


    I recently read about a person bullied by pupils and teachers and the way she solved the problem by moving schools. Why is it that the bullies always get protected? Those who bullied should have been held accountable. It's like the victims of bullying are often made to have counselling this is...
  14. S

    Never heard anything so ridiculous.

    My GP referred me for Counselling last week because I was in a bad way anyway my surgery emailed me the form to call the counselling service, I just called them and they said that they can't see me because I am currently seeing a Psychiatrist and the only way that they will see me is if the...
  15. E

    Help and Advice

    I am 22 and recently graduated from University and working in a new job. I have struggled with depressed on and off for a few years, mainly stemming from a bad relationship when I was younger. I have now achieved most things that I wanted to by this age and live in a nice apartment with my...
  16. M

    Harming again

    My first post on here, hi everyone. I have a long history of self-harm focused mainly in one area. This became extreme, I became depressed, took overdoses and tried to end my life. Help came but finding suitable treatment took a very long time. Once back in the community the self harm did...
  17. C

    Alternative services in Scotland?

    Afternoon all, I am a new member and have already learnt so much from my reading on the forum. I am so glad to find a place for mental health discussion. I've been struggling with my mental health over the past ten years - this last year was particularly difficult and I am now beginning to...
  18. S


    Thank you for adding me. I am looking for advice about mental health counselling and issues with my GP.
  19. B

    Manic mood swings and dodgy dreams

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this and just needed somewhere to write this all out and find anyone who has even the remotest idea how I feel. My family and friends have been wonderful and are very supportive, but they find it difficult that I don't seem to be "getting better" and definitely don't...
  20. ChloChlo

    Avoidant Personality Disorder - First Steps into Getting Help?

    I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow in the first step of determining whether I have Avoidant Personality Disorder (amongst others). I am not sure how to raise the subject as it is mostly a meeting to update my antidepressant prescription and to see how counselling is going. I am worried...