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  1. E

    Slowly giving up

    I've anxiety mostly day and night, depression as well, I feel low all time, its not got better even with councillor appointments Its like a dark cloud over me all time, I feel I'm struggling now.
  2. M

    Newbie: Which discipline of councillor do I need?

    Hi Very simple, one time only question: which discipline of councillor do I need if at all? Sounds melodramatic but I've always felt broken; devoid of emotion, rather cut off family members than have an argument, always restless (career & life), fairly successful but feel useless and worthless...
  3. E

    Feeling Jealous of My Therapists Clients...

    I've been going to therapy for nearly a year now and natutally it's been a rollercoaster. Nevertheless, my therapist and I have a good relationship. We laugh, I feel comfortable and I feel like I can talk about mostly anything. This isn't my first time, I had a councillor prior to my current...
  4. A

    Hi newbie here

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and just wanted to introduce myself and hoping someone can point me in the right direction (which sub-forum i should use, etc.) My girlfriend of almost 5 years has suffered with Anxiety, OCD, panic attacks for 4 of those years, which in turn caused her to...
  5. cpuusage

    While MPs debate a bill to reduce homelessness, one Tory councillor suggests a truly vile solution

    While MPs debate a bill to reduce homelessness, one Tory councillor suggests a truly vile solution While MPs debate a bill to reduce homelessness, one Tory councillor suggests a truly vile solution | The Canary "A Tory councillor in Bradford told a planning meeting that “tramps and drunks” in...
  6. A

    Struggling Carer

    Hi everyone, this is my first post and I’m afraid it’s going to be quite a long one. My OH has been battling depression for a number of years just to give some back ground to her life, she grew up with an abusive father until her mother finally got the courage up to leave him. However they...
  7. Anime-Alchemy

    Back on Citalopram

    Hello everyone, so yesterday I went to see the doctor, my mum also tagged along to say a few things. I've been put on Citalopram. I was on it in the past but ever gave it a proper chance? because I would take it then not take it/forget. And when I did take in every day it was for 3 weeks for...
  8. S

    Charming Sociopathic Councillor Given Warning ??

    BBC News - Coventry councillor David Kershaw assaulted after cuts proposal Coventry councillor David Kershaw assaulted after cuts proposal A Coventry city councillor has been assaulted after he proposed transport cuts for disabled children. David Kershaw was pushed over in an attack by three...
  9. M

    Sudden Onset

    Everything has been going good since I got back from a trip I took and got back to see my councillor until Saturday afternoon. I have been working on my Blog that tells people about my trials with cancer & depression, I am not sure what happened or what started it but I was Ok and then realize I...
  10. L

    why cant my gp be my councillor?

    Had my first appt back at the hospital this week, the longest hour of my life. Didn't go well nothin like feelin worse than wen I went in. But yet I get more out of the 5 mins I see my gp every 2 weeks. How does that work??
  11. bobshocker

    I managed to find some counselling

    i dunno. My life's getting shorter. I can't talk to no one. Why? Who the fuck wants to hear about a guy that hates his life and wants to die. The councillor , said they'd get someone to see me, but I mustn't "off" myself too soon. Kind of get that, it's logic, that's good, cos if I "off"...
  12. cpuusage

    Shamed councillor in new rant likening disabled kids to deformed animals

    Shamed councillor in new rant likening disabled kids to deformed animals http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/colin-brewer-councillor-new-sick-1887780
  13. kikid

    need some help here guys pretty please!

    I've received a letter through the post to attend a meeting with a psychiatrist what happens there and what sort of things do they ask. My Dr has recommended it due to my medication not working and him being at a loss of what to give me. But also having trouble with my 3rd councillor now she is...
  14. W

    No one can help

    I dnt know how to live anymore ,councillor this councillor that ive no idea what I'm doing anymore Crying dosnt help
  15. W

    Going through the motions

    Being confused about everything,ending up depressed .seeing your gp/a crisis team/different councillors are the options,so you do all them and don't feel any better .then you councillor asks what goals do you have?if I had goals id be doing everything in my power to achieve them but I dnt so...
  16. M

    Hello everyone;-)

    Hi all im new to this forum.Been having a few problems which ill go into later when i feel more comfortable on here.I have my first appointment with the 2nd councillor next wednesday.the first councillor only worked on a saturday which was no good to me as there was no one to look after my 7year...
  17. E

    some kind of help or support needed but what?

    I am currently only seein my dr about my depression.. she dosent seem to do anything tho, iv rung the local mental health line aswell and theyve been no help either. Im waiting to see a councillor via my dr and via mind depending which comes first. I need more support but dont know how to go...
  18. B

    Girlfriend sometimes had bad thoughts/memories when we're being intimate

    Girlfriend sometimes had bad thoughts/memories when we're being intimate Hi there, I’m really just looking for some general advice and thoughts regarding my situation please: When my girlfriend and I are being intimate, sometimes she has bad thoughts/ memories which cause both of us to be...
  19. M

    Going to get a councillor

    Finally doing something that will help me and going to get a councillor woo-_-. I'm quite worried about it, makes me sick just thinking about ringing them to book an appointment. Anyone else had a councillor, did it help, overall how was it?
  20. whisper

    reveiw (possibly sensitive)

    ok hi, sorry i'm not sure if this is in the right place, but i'm really struggeling with everything and it's all gettng on top of me but i'm trying to hide it from my mam as she has difficulty with dealing with my MH problems in any way that is really useful i mean she tries and i appreciate...