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  1. F

    Can I claim PIP?

    Hi, I am presently in hospital but from here I am likely to be moving to a mental health rehabilitation unit for a period of time. I have been told whilst I am there I will not have to give up my council house, but what I am wondering is whether I will still be entitled to PIP whilst in rehab...
  2. Artmuzz

    The council are useless

    I got a letter from the council this week telling me that I now have to pay five pounds a week on my rent even though I get full housing benefit. I phoned them up and was told that I got overpaid housing benefit away back in 2014 and I have to pay that overpayment back. What a I don’t...
  3. T

    Council housing advice?

    The past few weeks have really been taking its toll on me, and my depression is just way down, I have lost all motivation for anything, basically my nan has been battling cancer for the past 4 years and by the sounds of it she will have to go into care, my grandad is beside himself and I am...
  4. G

    Dealing with the council

    PhD student here with GAD & MDD for the last 5 years. Dealing with my local council is a nightmare at the best of times but they seem to give absolutely zero f***s to MH. They are consistently (at least once a year for about 2-3 months) trying to send bailiffs round to take my possessions...
  5. L

    How likely is getting a move with the UK council housing 'Mutual exchange'

    How likely is getting a move with the UK council housing 'Mutual exchange' Happy with my new council flat, and spent a ton on getting it decorated, and happy with my neighbours, but a big problem, some guy (and I think it's the same one) has knocked on my door really late at night (2mths ago at...
  6. M

    Housing benefit help

    Hi, I'm new here, my husband has applied to council for extra bedroom as his medication causes severe night sweats and he can't sleep in our bed, anyway council are sending someone out to measure main bedroom to see if we can put 2single beds in, does anyone know what size the bedroom will need...
  7. T

    Living on a council estate and paranoia

    Last night at 12 clock I put my dog out in the garden and there's just a group of people shouting in their gardens it just makes me feel really paranoid I find living on a council estate really hard It didn't help that I was walking my dog one day and my dog went up to another dog and this...
  8. R

    Hearing voices and a housing/relationship issues

    I've been dealing with Paranoid Schizophrenia for years now and nothing ever seems to get any easier or better. I'm having relationship problems and also housing issues which I have applied to the local council to help me with social housing which if I get will ease my money problems. I'm...
  9. letmein

    not in a good way

    am struggling and head is full of thoughts I shouldn;t be having.... need to get away form it all.... I need an holiday but no chance with bills that have to be paid its rent week and council tax is due all I seem to do is sit in this back bedroom and watching crap on tv.
  10. M

    On downer and now investigated by council

    I feel Sh*t to star with everyday is such a struggle but next door are now complaining to the council that we are making noise all night. I'm asleep most of the time and there is no noise I just don't need this in my life.
  11. T

    Moving flat stress

    Situation - lived in tower block A, council wanted to refurbish so moved us all into tower block B, work is done so council want to return us. I hated my flat A, no privacy cos house next to it had balcony right by my window, and kids played loudly outside and no escape from their play noise...
  12. B

    Depression is back but worse this time

    I was diagnosed with depression a few years ago. With medication and cbt (my counsellor was amazing) I begun to get better, I came off the medication and left cbt. I always dreaded the day it came back and tried my hardest to stop anything that could trigger it. fast forward a few years and my...
  13. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Council Tax Exemption and Severe Mental Impairment

    Hi guys :) Many people on means-tested sickness and disability benefits qualify for a reduction in the Council Tax they pay, and the remainder is made up of Council Tax Benefit. However, there are some instances were people are totally exempt from paying Council Tax. This is so if you are...
  14. T

    Moving from supported accommodation to council flat

    Hi, I am moving from supported accommodation to an independent council flat. I am very scared as it is far more complicated than I thought it would be, I've been looking forward to leaving supported accommodation but now it doesn't seem so bad. The building of the supported accommodation and...
  15. cpuusage

    There Is No Hell Fire; Adam & Eve Not Real – Pope Francis Exposes

    Will this register with all the Fundamentalists who take it all literally? & is Christianity going to apologise for 2,000 years of Bullshit? http://5dnews.com/no-hell-fire-adam-eve-not-real-pope-francis-exposes/ There Is No Hell Fire; Adam & Eve Not Real One man who is out to open many old...
  16. M

    Council Housing and homeless application

    Hi everyone. Hoping someone on here has been through similar and can help with advice. I have generalised anxiety disorder, depression and possibly bipolar. I've been registered with my local councils housing register for four years under Band C for no priority. This year they asked me to fill...
  17. SomersetScorpio

    Better Off Without Me

    Hi everyone, long time no post.. hope people here have been keeping safe and as well as possible. I'm really struggling at the moment with thoughts that people would be better off without me. I feel like a burden on my parents. I also feel like i'm a massive disappointment to my parents too...
  18. H

    Can I be evicted by council ?

    Hey everyone When i first moved into my new council flat 4 years ago . I started having hallucinations and psychotic experiences in the flat and it made me very ill . I am fine when i am not in the flat ; but when i am in their i cannot stay in due to severe anxiety and paranoia . It is...
  19. Tired Daisy

    Council homes at risk

    I'm kinda concerned that my nice council home is at risk of being bulldozed in the next 5 years. David Cameron is attacking the poor once again by targeting council homes to be demolished, its already happened to many. David Cameron says for every council home that gets knocked down 2 to 3 new...
  20. cpuusage

    Growing Homelessness issue in Dorset, Bournemouth/Boscombe areas

    Cllrs John Beesley - Leader Bournemouth Council Cllr Robert Lawton - Senior Cllr for Housing. Dear Cllrs Beesley and Lawton, To help you in your policies with regard to homelessness and rough sleeping I would like you to meet Laura and Colin. They have spent the last several months...