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  1. C


    I would like to introduce myself I am Clattnow on here. I reside with my husband in a little cottage in Scotland. We love hill walking, flat walking, growing cornflowers and seeds in our cottage garden. We like reading books by Ian Rankin, also animal stories like a Street Cat Called Bob...
  2. V

    my routine

    Basically the same shit different days, wake up check the Windows for anything suspicious people, vehicles noises or anything out of the ordinary, then wake up, hug my daughter and gf, then eat some tuna egg salad or the like, very strict on my diet, then take a 40 minute Chat with my bag, then...
  3. Fuscia

    really sad tonight

    I feel so alone tonight. I worked this morning and it went well but as soon as i woke up i knew something was wrong. I think its these nytol i take when i dont want my sleepers, i wonder if theyy make me depressed. Ive been crying for about an hour about life generally and how hard everything...
  4. H

    Has anyone noticed adverts follow you on the net?

    This last week I have noticed that when I have been on sites that have advertising, the adverts are exactly what I have been looking at on the net. I find it a bit weird. Today on here there is an advert for something to do with silver hallmarking. That is exactly what I was looking up earlier...