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  1. embleton

    Direct Payments in UK and does it need updating

    The direct payments scheme in the UK is one that should allow those with child and adult social needs to choose their providers, employees and services for their social circumstances whilst living with physical and/or mental health disabilities or those caring for those with these issues during...
  2. Not_Crazy_Yet

    How much do you cost the system?

    I looked up some prices of meds, factored in my rent, food stamps, and an approximation of MH services. For services I wasn't sure exactly. Before they got my proof of income they sent me a bill for almost $500 for 2 therapy sessions. So I have on my current care team a doctor, therapist, nurse...
  3. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Cost of living in UK and EU: European vacation

    So I would like to travel to the Netherlands, France, and Great Britain. I did a little googling and found some prices of hostels and even looked on craigslist at rooms for rent. Some of the hostels were CRAZY cheap. Like starting in the range of $14 USD but the average seems to be around €40-50...
  4. J

    I'm petrified of the future

    I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 7yrs now and I'm terrified of the future, Although I spend most of my time at his, living like a couple I'm registered as living with my parents and spend a few nights a week there, this is because I am on ESA, I can't move in with him properly as he...
  5. Funnyday

    Respite funding

    Do the DWP pay for a 2nd housing benefit application for respite provision. I've been thinking that it would be nice to get away from it all for a few days and was wondering if the social pays the cost of it. What constitutes respite. Would a Bed and Breakfast be covered? Or does it have to be...
  6. E

    Private mental health care

    Has anyone any experience of this ? Thanks in advance (Really doubt i will be able to afford the squilions it will probably cost anyway)
  7. SarahD

    Need somewhere safe to go for a while

    Urgently. Not cost too much. Any ideas please send PM. Thanks.
  8. shaky

    Cost cutting in my town

    Everything is changing - care clusters are coming in in April - which is supposed to be a good thing, but it means upheaval for staff as they have to re-apply for their jobs. Apparently the local MH base is going to close and all the staff will move to a nearby town - just outpatient...
  9. C

    Struggling, don't know what to do for help

    hi.. I have no official diagnosis or anything but I know that eating has been a problem for some time now. I have lost weight and have been mainly restricting and exercising a lot. I don't really know where to turn for help as I am on a year abroad. I emailed my uni counselling service and am...
  10. cpuusage

    Oxfam speaks out on human cost of austerity

    Oxfam speaks out on human cost of austerity | The Not So Big Society
  11. C

    Getting medical records- my experiences

    I really wanted to get my medical records back, particularly my hospital ones. Many people maybe wouldn't want to see these but as I was very angry and upset about being sectioned and my time in hospital I was very curious to see what was written about me. I went to my GP to ask for records and...
  12. FallenAngel

    The Rage Virus

    My job. I am a Senior Buyer for the NHS. Last week I stumbled across some alarming figures. In my department we have hired 3 interims. 12 month contracts. They will cost the NHS £350,000. Now I know we could get in the 2 managers we lost and 4 junior members of staff for a fraction of that cost...
  13. Z

    Rough time

    Just seem to be having a rough time of it lately. Can't dig myself out. Little interest in anything, little to.no rest at night, and can't stop obsessing over stupid things. Not really in contact with friends much, and think my best friend (if she is even one anymore) is starting to think I...
  14. Wiseowl

    Benefits Spending

    UK welfare spending: how much does each benefit really cost? Visualised | News | guardian.co.uk
  15. M

    3rd time

    got the crazy on. Lost control of anger after slow build up of symptons so straight to psychiatrist. What is the general opinion of Largactil? Also on escitalopram, and have been on olanzapine, abilify and paliperidone in past. He said seroquel first but changed his mind because of cost. I have...
  16. W


    I've been severely depressed for nearly a year now and can't manage to even smile on a photograph anymore,but when I smoke weed I feel fine ,It slows my thoughts ,relaxes me and generally makes life more manageable .The problem I have is dealing with route cause though .As much as it helps upon...
  17. worrymuffin


    Fuckin great.... Went bk the docs today, they've upped my meds, and I have to pay for 2 lots (one 10 an one 20mg), cos they don't do em in 30mg.... So it's now gonna cost me over 15 bloody quid every month.... What a fuckin joke.... If I was a lazy bastard and couldn't be arsed go work it...
  18. la bete

    Hyper-sexuality - The final taboo of bipolar disorder?

    Just wondered whether anybody else suffers from this. I realise it is a risky subject but it would be nice to know I'm not alone in my destructive hypersexual ways. I have, for the past twenty odd years, been putting myself in harms way by involving myself in risky sexual practices which, I am...
  19. B

    how do you manage with the practicalities?

    How do u manage your budgets? washing and hygiene Laundry Socialising? they all cost money :-(
  20. delatext

    cost of mental health

    Mental illness 'now costs £10.7bn' (UKPA) – 1 day ago The social and economic "cost" of poor mental health in Scotland has reached £10.7 billion a year, according to a leading charity. A report issued by the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), entitled What's It Worth Now?, shows...