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  1. unplusdoublegood

    Just Sayin Hello

    Hello All I'm 33 & Have Had Issues With Interaction With Others I Can't Seem To Deal With How People Are I Am Also A Substance Abuser I Have Never Spoke In Any seriousness To anyone About It But It's A Big Part Of Me & My Life I Should stop (Writing) Now As It's Not A Good Time To Be Putting My...
  2. J

    I have been taking zyprexa for 9 years.How to cut it off correctly?

    Hello my name is Jason i m 33 years old and i m from Greece.And i want to ask here to have an idea before to go to my psychiatric doctor next month.The question is: I have been taking zyprexa for 9 years.I was taking all those years 10mg/day .Now the last 2 months i m taking 5 mg/day.And if...
  3. M

    Advice please..

    I really want to discuss a topic.. but im not sure if this is the right place to write it... and i dont want to get in trouble for doing so.. I have tried using the search bar.. but i guess its not working correctly on my mobile? I cant access my PM either.. I need to discuss sexual...
  4. M

    My boyfriend showed symtoms of panic attack

    Hi I'm new in this forum. Yesterday night, I found my boyfriend was contacting women on dating website on internet( which he is saying it was just for fun ). Even I knew he was on it, he lied to me he has no idea. We've been together for 2 years now and the fact that he lied really hurt me and I...
  5. L

    Advice please concentration/listening

    Hi Can anyone offer me some advice please. I'm having problems at work doing menial tasks, for example lately i can't even answer the phone and take a message correctly. I can't concentrate or listen if that makes any sense. It's getting very embarrassing in front of people. Help please!!
  6. M

    Questioning my perception; talking would help (probably)

    Hello everybody, I'm a male from the UK, aged 23. I'm not diagnosed with OCD but I suspect that I have it, or that I have a related condition or symptoms of OCD or of a related condition. I mean, I can relate very well to things I've read online by people who describe their OCD. And I've met...
  7. RainbowHeartz

    str worker?

    spelt correctly see one tomorrow any ideas what they do or dont do?
  8. E

    idiot psychiatrist

    Do the doctors even read a file before prescribing medicine? He put me back on Depakote that makes me want to stab people and chew through walls. Can i just stop taking it? I cant wait two months to see him again and no, i cant just make an appointment. Also on Effexor from my pain specialist...
  9. rasselas.redux


    Not possible to prove any of this and there is a built-in paradox... Yesterday I knew the night was going to end badly . I sat on a bench behind a church and gathered myself. I convinced myself to ignore this thought and carry on and not abandon the night as a social one and return home...
  10. R

    Itchy/Dry Scalp...infinite dandruff?

    For the past couple of mouths I have been having a very itchy and dry scalp. I have switched shampoos and changed to Head and Shoulders dandruff control/scalp kind that's supposed to help alleviate my scalp itchiness and dryness but it still occurs now. Also, I'm pretty sure I scrub the shampoo...
  11. C

    How to fight this obsession?

    It really sucks (as all obsessions do). Basically, I say something to someone and then obsess about it. I worry that I didn't say the thing correctly, or explain it correctly, or I lied. I obsess about correcting myself for hours, and can't really do anything else until I go back to the person...
  12. wendolene26

    Mitzy on Hollyoaks portrayal of depression/anxiety

    This evening's Hollyoaks shows the character Mitzy holding a bottle of citalopram tablets and later on just before she is due to go on stage, she looks like she's getting all panicky, she ponders for a minute then reaches into her bag and swallows one of the tablets. I'm not sure this is...
  13. J

    Anxiety Disorder

    I'm a Mum of two from Ireland and have had social anxiety and some ocd's for 10yrs now, i've never been on medication as i seemed to be over it for a while but it has now returned and i know dread taking my child to school as i fear i'm not breathing correctly and will hyperventilate. I also...