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  1. cpuusage

    Our Emotions – The Sole Creators of Every Word, Voice, Symbolic Image, Bodily Movement and Thought

    Our Emotions – The Sole Creators of Every Word, Voice, Symbolic Image, Bodily Movement and Thought Our Emotions - The Sole Creators of Every Word, Voice, Symbolic Image, Bodily Movement and Thought - Mad In America By Michael Cornwall, PhD Blogs June 12, 2012 The experience of hearing voices...
  2. cpuusage

    Madness and Renewal: Michael Cornwall

    http://www.madnessradio.net/madness-radio-madness-and-renewal-michael-cornwall/ What if people struggling with madness could explore their emotions in a supportive sanctuary? Do frightening ‘psychotic’ experiences have the power to transform and heal? Is breakdown also breakthrough? Michael...
  3. L

    Cornwall anyone?

    Hi everyone I live in Cornwall and I have a diagnosis of BPD. I also struggle with hallucinations. Are there any support groups in Cornwall???
  4. C


    Cornwall Breakaway - Support for adults withdrawing from tranquilizers. 2 Princess Street Truro Cornwall TR1 2ES 01872 243532 0778857290 Breakaway meets in Truro every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month 2:00-4:00pm/6:00-8:00pm. This project is now in its 4th year. It provides self-help...
  5. Mister.B

    Dementia sufferers get £1m grant in Cornwall.

    I thought this was nice, and it also gave some insight into combating Dementia in people who use the places revamped by the grant. Anyway, it's a nice addition to this forum on a Thursday morning. :) BBC News - Cornwall dementia sufferers supported with £1m grant
  6. skitzofrantik

    Really in need of some advice plz (*T*)

    Hi, i have ooked on the net first ut it doesnt seem to make snese. basically if i happened to die, where wouldi be burried, as i am living in scotland and at my gps, police etc they have my friend as next of kin, and they know exactly whats mu wishes are, but my biggest worry is i was actually...
  7. R

    Today if your free... Please come

    URGENT PLEASE ATTEND TODAY :help:Time: 2:00pm until 4:00pm Venue TRURO LIBRARY (LARGE ROOM TOP FLOOR) Union Place Truro. Main Speaker Mike Marshall (Programme Manager & Emergency Planning Lead For Cornwall Foundation Partnership Trust NHS) West Mental Health Forum I s open to ALL people...
  8. G


    Hello, I'm Richard. Been diagnosed with depression and been on meds for the last year. Live in deepest darkest Cornwall, so feeling some what isolated. GP is really good and supportive. Am looking to link up with others and support each other.
  9. R

    You Are Invited to West Cornwall Forum 7th July Penzance

    :clap:INTERESTED? In Emotional & Mental Health? Open Forum For West Cornwall ( ALL WELCOME TO ATTEND, TOGETHER WE CAN BUILD BETTER SERVICES) On: Thursday 7th July 2011 Time: 1:00pm until 3:00pm At: Richmond House, Tolver Road, Penzance Guest speaker: Liz Datson acting manager of the...
  10. R

    Removal of staff from day centres in Cornwall... Your help needed

    :help: The saga of Cornwall's mental health day centres continue. There is still no formal consultations and staff and management do not seem to know what is going on. The management of Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust seem set to withdraw staff from the first of September. It seems as if...
  11. B

    Reply re teeth

    Hi Guys I received this in my email inbox this morning. Dear Laura, Thank you for your email which has been passed on to myself as PCT Dental Adviser. I certainly sympathise with your concerns and have sent the email forward to the Maxillofacial Consultant at Royal Cornwall Hospital...
  12. R

    At last Cornwall has it's own Forum

    Many thanks to the owners of Mental Health Forum board. Now that we have our own area, please use it. Share with others all the issues about Mental Health in Cornwall. It does not matter if you are a Service User, Carer, Professional or anyone else who has an interest in Mental Health in...
  13. R

    Redruth Friendship Club Cornwall

    Happy New year to ALL, Just a reminder The Redruth Friendship Club, held every Wednesday between 12 noon and 3:00pm at the rear of Redruth YMCA (up pass the railway station). Admission is free but you do have to pay for refreshments.... eg tea or coffee just 30p No referral needed, it is...
  14. R

    Mental Health Service Users Forums Cornwall

    This is a message to all Service users and Carers in Cornwall. The Mental Health Forums in Cornwall should re-start at the end of March. Do you want to be part of it... either as a helper to set up Forums.... with support from a project worker. Or to come along and listen to speakers about...
  15. B

    carer in Cornwall.help

    :grouphug:Hello.i am a carer in cornwall and need as much support as i can get as i am getting o from Adult social care. There is a face book page called cornwall carers and i have been trying to get anyone who is having a hard time getting services to come on and express their views and...
  16. D

    fuddled and bemused

    i saw my cpn on tuesday do you know there is NOT ONE ZERO clinical phycologists in the whole of cornwall people are being put on a waiting list for cbt therapy and they havent go0t a SINGLE phycologist. PEOPLE IN CORNWALL ARE BEING LET DOWN! am i missing something here why dont they just hire...
  17. A

    Cornwall!! no PD service. Anyone else here?

    Fantastic. Just after my diagnosis BPD I'm told there's nothing available in Cornwall. Psychologist recommended CAT in my report to add weight to clamour for service. No DBT either. Marvellous. Apparently there's a pilot in West Cornwall. My CPN is on steering committee to get PD service...
  18. D


    hi is there anyone out theyre from sunny cornwall?? hehehe:)
  19. B


    Hello Everyone:welcome: It's about time Cornwall had it's own area. There are a lot of changes taking place. We have some professionals who are stopping Service Users from becoming enabled. Not sure if the are a little fearful for their jobs. Of course that not the reason why service users and...