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  1. R

    What's up with me!?

    Evening ladies and gents, I'm having issues and have always had issues with... Relationships! No matter how nice, friendly kind or gorgeous a girl is, I just can't date them without it making my anxiety much much worse :( I've just met a really nice girl, she's loving, caring and really cute...
  2. W

    Feeling suicidal

    Has anyone got any tips on what I can do for myself when feeling suicidal? I personally won't contact any authorities as going down that route hasn't been constructive for me in the past. I'm currently bedbound & trying to stay still as I feel that if I get up I may SH. I know this feeling will...
  3. DoctorInternet2

    I can cope without those tranquillisers

    My question here is 'if you can cope without the major tranquillisers is it better to be without them?' What I mean by coping without them is- not being over-distressed, not being a danger to yourself or others, and not being in any danger of ending up in a psychiatric hospital,- when you are...
  4. amathus

    Do you have to be weak ,strange or crazy to self harm?

    "someone who is self harming is much more than their self harm; they are someone who has had to find a way to cope with emotions that feel out of control and totally overwhelming." (Kate Middleton 2008)
  5. cpuusage

    Feel like i can't carry on

    i get a day or 2 of feeling slightly better, then i'm back again in severe anxiety/fear. Seems to be the pattern now, & appears to have been triggered by a very stressful year for me. Things aren't going to improve, it's all going to get a lot worse. Wish i was dead. Feel like i can't cope with...
  6. W

    Hi I'm william tell

    Hi I'm a 56 years old man who has had depression most of my life.At the moment I feel so low because I feel people are talking about me.I know its irracional but i can't get these thoughts out of my mind.I've had these thoughts before and I know that eventually things will pass and I can get on...
  7. X

    Is it normal..

    .. To have strong feelings of self-harm and suicidle idealization and not being able to cope with these strong emotions. I have these a lot throughout a day and I cry because I'm scared and I can't cope and I don't know what to do?