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  1. amathus

    Do you have Nightmares?

    Nightmares! : New Approaches to Understanding and Controlling Fear in Dreams
  2. Sunshine & Showers

    Want to Self Harm so much right now

    It hurts, Of course it does. But for once, just once, it felt nice that I was controlling the pain Instead of the pain controlling me.
  3. Sunshine & Showers

    It hurts, Of course it does..........

    But for once, just once, it felt nice that I was controlling the pain... Instead of the pain controlling me.
  4. M


    Do they have the knowledge and ability to genuinely help people get better? It all seems like shots in the dark in fog with limited knowledge dictated by limited time, interest and money and manipulative money controlling pharmaceuticals and governmental smoke screens. Feel like I am in the...
  5. C

    I'm not convinced I have a problem

    I'm 25 yrs old, 5ft 4 and currently 8st 13. It all started last year when I was under a lot of pressure at work and I almost ground to a halt with my eating ( I was 13st at the time). I lost a lot of weight rapidly. When I got a new job and started to feel a bit better I thought I'd come this...
  6. P

    I cant stand this shit anymore.

    Its seriously just an endless fucking cycle. All I do is try to be a perfect daughter and it never seems to fucking work! Everything I do is still wrong!!!!!!! When I kill myself, I will make it so that my fucking mother finds me. Maybe then she'll stop being such a psycho controlling freak...
  7. W

    controlling mohter

    Hi , i'm new to the forum but looking for some help from people who may have being in the same situation but have found way's of dealing with it....my mother rang the police as i'd rang her but rang off as i thought it was a bit late in the evening , she then came round the next day and started...
  8. A

    manipulative and controlling parents/relationships

    Can anyone recommend good books or teachings on how to deal with manipulative and controlling parents? Also, parents who put their children in double-binds and what double-binds are cos I think that's what's been happening but I don't know much about it.
  9. Calisa

    Happy little peeker

    :scared: waves nervously My name is Calisa or the name I thought id go by because ironically enough I started to worry about using my rl name. Im 30, I was diagnosed with G.A.D. about 3 years ago and seem to have a life that runs like an episode of eastenders so I some times struggle...
  10. M


    Hi i have not done this before and as i havent self harmed in 2 years i feel as if i shouldnt be doing this at all...i recently had my first child a baby girl Aimee :) but since i have had to give up my job because i can not afford the child care costs, i am living with my partner but i am so...
  11. S


    Hi everyone, I need advice on meds. I've tried a few things and avanza seems to help anxiety symptoms the most. Since starting them, I have put on 10kgs and can't handle it. I am heavier than I've ever been & it's making me feel worse. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good alternative? I...
  12. bert tomato

    Controlling personality...

    I realised...that despite my best efforts ....my personality has a controlling side to it. I am not proud of it, and it does not make me happy. I sincerely believe that a person becomes truly happy by being free, not by being controlled. :blush: I can't really explain it now... Okk....maybe I...
  13. R

    nature is a mirror

    i believe our moods and thoughts are reflected by nature. nature is like reality fishing, it has a natural controlling personality and it naturally tries to control and parent people by using their emotions and actions. its roughly like a mood mirror, if you fuel control by being angry...
  14. L

    Do you have one of those negative people in your life who constantly tries to bring you down?

    Do you have one of those negative people in your life who constantly tries to bring you down? I do. For me it's my mother. She never has anything nice or good to say. She makes me feel small all the time and like, today for example, I won a competition - a holiday abroad. She is trying to...
  15. Mosaic

    hope you guys and gals can help...

    hi, i am 17, with Asperges' syndrome for which a discription can be given if you request it :) i don't know when it truely started, but recently i have had problems with a multitude of things. firstly i seem to be down all the time, which is the starting point, i dont know what triggers this...
  16. R

    Relationship disintegrating..long.sorry.

    Where do I start? My husband hates me. He says that other wives support their husbands...let them have a life, and I don't. He's in the garden at the moment...just come downstairs after going up earlier to avoid being near me. We've had a horrible few weeks. I hate that he works shifts and I'm...