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  1. L

    I feel completely out of control

    I've always felt things very very deeply. I've had major depression since I was a teenager and so I should be used to it, but I can't help but feel increasingly hopeless and out of control. I have been dealing with feeling depressed or suicidal since my early teens and hope to have grasped a...
  2. valleygirl

    No Apetite

    Last few weeks I have just been eating because I know I should, but I have no appetite. I think it's stress, and there is no sign of it letting up. I've got my apartment all cleaned up, and now there is something at work that is completely beyond my control and even beyond my boss's control...
  3. R

    About to go buy alcohol.

    I'm sitting at the edge of the bed on the verge to go buy alcohol. I shouldn't. Anyone out there thinking the same? I don't want it to control me any more.
  4. S

    is there a magic drug that would stop that torture !!!!!

    they torture me because they say i said secrets whats secrets i dont know !!! is there a magic drug that kill theeir nanobots in brain and stop their control in my body they are there (in my body) eight years so far eight years they speak to my mind dont let me thinking they make me problems...
  5. A

    Tonight is rough

    Demons what let me sleep so many voices and thoughts running though my head I can't control couldn't move and I feel like it's out of control tonight I have a feeling that it's going to continue until the right ONE helps and saves me though this madness god I pray for help
  6. C

    I'm new and suffer with depression and anxiety

    Feeling let down after medical by atos 😶I feel like things are going to spiral totally out of my control..
  7. shaky

    PTSD about DWP

    I now have a kind of PTSD (I don't know if this is possible, it's not a diagnosis, just a feeling) Whenever I come into contact with someone to do with the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) or the Job Centre I lose control emotionally, my heartbeat races, my breathing quickens, I get very...
  8. G

    Trigger Warning: Delusions

    At first I thought it would be a progressive disease, but unlike a physical illness it did not get better or worse as time passed. I had moments of coping and great productivity, beauty and love, and all types of emotions. I kept trying to run away from everything; the more I tried to run the...
  9. A

    I need help

    Hi there everyone, I just moved out of my abusive house and I'm on my own. I was seeing a guy I'm in love with but he left me recently and ever since then my disordered eating has gotten out of control. i can't eat anything unless im binging and when I binge I hate myself and get super...
  10. K


    Jung argues everybody has inherited archetypes, images present in the brain, which conflict in the sczhophrenic individual. My archetypes seem to be about heros, control and love. What do yours suggest?
  11. T

    I feel so embarrassed for crying infront of my psychiatrist

    I didnt just cry, i really really sobbed. I mean, i had my reasons and it was understandable. But i am really embarrassed with how i must have looked and sounded. People out of the room likely would have heard which makes me feel worse. I rarely cry infront of people, nevermind going on like i...
  12. C

    I feel out of control

    I feel like my life is out of control. I have a new job and have had very minimal training, but somehow everything is my fault. I'm ready to walk out. I'm not eating or sleeping. I deal with contracts and one party is asking us to do something illegal. We are trying to explain why we can't to...
  13. G

    New to this

    Hi I'm a new member and this is the first time I've ever posted on a forum. I'm not sure what I'm looking for on here but needed to at least try and put in writing what I'm feeling because I'm really struggling. I went on the doctors a couple of years ago and he diagnosed me with depression and...
  14. G

    Im confused as to what is actually wrong with me?

    Hello, im 21 and a female. Ive always had mental health issues, even as a child everyone knew I was different but they just didn't know what. I found it hard to fit in and I was unhappy, sensitive and alone. When I got to the age of 14 I became more and more depressed and when I was 15 I had a...
  15. N


    That's what it feels like. Like I'm losing control. I have to ask Sally to be with me tonight. I'm supposed to go to fireworks where there will be ALOT of people. I'm nervous. I'm hearing bad things from the voices. I'm wanting it all to end but I won't do anything.
  16. K

    I'm in control.... until I'm not.

    Hey. *TRIGGERS**** I'm slowly slipping into a relapse of anorexia for the third time after having an absolutely horrendous battle with this hideous illness for almost ten years. I've been fully recovered for five years, but my life fell apart and I feel out of control... I can't let go or...
  17. A

    New from Oz

    Hi new here from Australia. I live on a hobby farm and due to a bad car accident last year am struggling to do all I used to. Hoping to get back on top of things even if I have to do them a different way but all the changes has kicked in my depression and anxiety that I had under control for...
  18. S

    Anxiety Has Taken Over My Life

    I feel that I can no longer control my emotions. It is making me miserable. I can't control my thoughts. I think and worry even in my sleep. The few hours of sleep that I may get each night. I was diagnosed bipolar a few years ago after I took myself to the hospital because of overwhelming...
  19. A

    My first post

    I'm new here. Glad I ran across this organization and to know I'm not alone living with voices (I call them spirit) and how they control my life. On good days that I don't hear voices or they're not in control of me I try not to take meds. Yesterday the voices returned so I took my meds. The...

    Are you organised?

    I have been shredding some of my old documents. Financial records. I used to get into a lot of trouble with debt. The documents tell their own story - one of chaos and a person not coping. Its only since the time I have stopped working that I have swung things around into being in more control...