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  1. B

    Extreme phobia: physically losing control + hospitals (long!!)

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, so I'm going to present myself just a little bit; I'm Bo, I'm 20 and I'm currently followed by a psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with bipolar 2/bpd, ptsd, anxiety and depression (I know, it's a lot lol) I've come here because no psy, therapist, or nurse could help me...
  2. E

    Is this worrisome behavior?

    I’m in need of advice. I’m struggling with MIL. She has been coming over for a visit every weekend since my son was born a little over a year ago but wants more time with him and wants to watch him alone. She doesn’t watch him alone currently because we aren’t comfortable with that. We don’t...
  3. H

    Tired of working so hard to be barely okay

    I have to try so hard to function like a normal person and not everyday i can achieve that. It's so much work everyday to just be "okay", if that. I'm so tired. I can't imagine myself being effortlessly and genuinely happy, not even if I had everything in the world. My mind feels like a...
  4. M

    A voice from space?

    When the alien like voice talks to me it shows it’s self as a image in my mind as it converses with me so while it talks it shows human like body and facial expressions while it moves it’s mouth as it talks to me. While it asks me questions it will show me examples of what it’s asking me about...
  5. Jim Lahey

    I am new here.

    I have never used a forum like this before. I am a student living in New Hampshire. I have come here because about one year ago I made an attempt to end my life. I have made a tremendous amount of progress in only a years time alone and with professional help and by opening up to select friends...
  6. L


    I had bullima around 8 years ago i put on weight, a lot of weight. August 2018 I started a well known diet and I’ve lost a large amount of weight. Recently I feel out of control I get the diet food from my consultant and I binge it all in one day, purge and then don’t eat to keep me on target...
  7. L

    Helping a partner in crisis during my pregnancy

    My partner struggles with his bpd and has done throughout our relationship. Until now we have managed fairly well at maintaining stability and avoiding escalation of arguments. I am currently pregnant and my illness during this time and my inability to control my own raging emotions as...
  8. P

    Greetings from California

    Hello, I am here because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD many years ago. In the past few years my BD has become quite difficult to control. I'm here with the hope of meeting others who live with mental illness.
  9. qwerty1234

    I get strange problems with my body vibrational energy.

    In Asia they call it chi, life energy, which you can gather by waving your hands around for example. It's like there is energy in my body that keeps moving around of it's own accord, sometimes i can control it with my mind or muscles but sometimes i can't. It is often very disruptive and I...
  10. qwerty1234


    Aaaaah in pain because people don't reply to me anymore and j feel like writing again out of attachment but I have to control myself
  11. M

    Voices in head trying to control me?

    I've had auditory hallucinations for years, I've seen a doctor and everything. Today I had (and might still be having) an episode of voices, dissociation, and depressed mood. It's happened because I'm struggling with eating disorder issues, which has put stress on me physically and mentally...
  12. E

    Fears of Relapse

    My fear of relapsing is eating away at me : Everyday is rooted in control. If I'm in control I won't relapse. I watched over my tv limit today, it is racking me with paranoia. It makes me physically sick to think I could relapse into depression . I shouldn't have watched more than my limit but...
  13. H

    Hi hoping some one can help

    Hi new to these forums but i dont know what else to do i was born with heart problems high and low blood pressures which have cause me cronic migrane's and i deal with pain 24/7 for the last 15-20 years and dealing with this hasnt help my mental state, i deal with depression and anxiety, im to...
  14. S

    It's back

    Well, I thought I was getting better... I've had a few good weeks recently but I've felt the depression and anxiety creeping back over the last week and today and yesterday it has been really bad. I forgot how bad my depression feels but now I remember because I'm in the thick of it. I feel...
  15. R

    I'm tired

    i'm just literally tired of everything. I'm tire of being hurt by the people i love and value the most. I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of getting hurt. I'm tired of having no control over the pain that's killing me inside. I'm tired and i just want to have a control on how i feel. It doesn't...
  16. Hikikomori1979

    Setting Boundaries with your parents

    Im not sure how many people can relate I have an unwell father and my mother is intolerable at the best of times but in terms of how they disrespectful they are Situation 1. wanting to just set me up (NO SETUPS! PLEASE) with complete strangers with no narrative. Their Rationale - wanting...
  17. S


    Hi everybody. I'm Sean - a newbie who has just joined up today. I'm fairly new to anxiety but it's had a pretty big impact on my life over the past 6 months. I swing from in control to desperate on a daily basis but hopefully hearing some of you stories will be helpful to both me and you. I'm...
  18. vanish

    Is this how it happens?

    Hey folks, I need help in understanding something. My wife occasionally self harms and I always thought it was an intensely private thing (self harming) but tonight she did it right in front of me while I was telling her to stop. Is this unusual or can this sometimes be what happens? I really...
  19. F

    Who contributed you as a child? Here is my story, what is yours?

    I have been told by my counsellor that as I have been controlled as a child, I attract control freaks. This isn't going to be an easy one for me to talk about, but here goes. My mother controlled me as a child. When I left home she went very off with me and the relationship broke down. She...
  20. C

    i relapsed

    Hi all, I am new here as i really do need help. I have relapsed after doing so well. I have been fighting anorexia and bulemia for over three years now but i regretably relapsed... I stupidly decided to reconnect with my ex, he is going through a lot at the moment and i wanted to be there for...