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  1. wardysaurus

    BPD and work

    So, I’ve lost my job again. Every 12 months, I get a one year contract and never get taken on permanently. What’s wrong with me?!?!
  2. D

    Advice needed

    Hi I need some advice. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder after struggling with depression and extreme mood swings for almost 10 years. Yesterday I tried to attempt suicide for the second time this month. This time I was sectioned and held in the hospital for...
  3. M

    Is it ethical(or legal) for an HR to delay permanent contract and notify your team mates about your new assets?

    Is it ethical(or legal) for an HR to delay permanent contract and notify your team mates about your new assets? I was with this company where I pass the probationary period and they gave me a contract for permanent position after 2 weeks of the said period. Say my probation period duration is...
  4. cpuusage

    You cannot serve two masters.. Universal credit and your employer.

    https://thepoorsideoflife.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/you-cannot-serve-two-masters-universal-credit-and-your-employer/ Here are two different cases concerning universal credit and work. Both prove the point extremely well that universal credit and the work conditionionality contract linked with...
  5. N

    Feel on verge of breakdown

    I'm really struggling again with the amount of stress I can feel all of the time. Everything hurts - muscles and joints etc. - and I feel weak and unable to concentrate. I think I'm just really struggling to keep up with life so I always feel like I'm failing. I can barely sleep at night then...
  6. Jojojabini21

    Unsupportive management

    I suffer with depression, it goes from good to bad and generally I can manage it. My dad was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. I'm a manager and had sorted cover etc so I could spend time with him, although it was short notice I covered all relevant work and left a note to ring me if...
  7. Nikita

    Do you have to tell your boss you are ill?

    Thought this article might be helpful and of interest. Do you have to tell your boss you're ill? - Mirror Online
  8. W

    Bottom of the pit.

    Today is a horrible day. I can't feel anything but sadness, a friend of mine just committed suicide and I can't believe it. He never even talked about it, ever. I understand why people do it, I stumble and want to do it sometimes myself. But I just wish he would have said good bye. I wouldn't...
  9. L

    Ruminating about certain things

    Hi all, First post here, thanks for listening. I've tried to search the net ad nauseam for help but I don't know if that just makes things worse. I'm experiencing a fair bit of GAD and it's really starting to wear me out. I know where it's coming from, certain things that I worry about (future...
  10. EllieThade

    Intruding thougts (and urges) to SH

    I went to a neighbor's house to see some little fireworks in the backyard. I would look at the pretty sparkles and fire and stuff and then I would drift off and think about SI. It happened soooooo many times. I wish I wish I wish I could do it. I'm under contract so I can't. Of course, I...
  11. S

    Looks like I'm going to lose my job

    Just back from a meeting with my boss' boss and personnel ad I've been told that since they don't believe I could cope with the duties of a staff nurse in the near future I have to go to a hearing which will decide if I should be deployed to an admin post 3 pay scales below my current one or...
  12. B

    new forum

    I have come on here because my old forum is closing down. I have suffered from acute anxiety and depression, but seem to be getting over it now. I had a year off when I lost my job and was sacked, whether that was before or after the depression is debatable. Anyway had to find a job and the only...
  13. Lincoln1990

    Am I suicidal?

    That's the question of the day. Yes I am. Am I going to hurt myself? Probably not. Do I want to hurt myself? Yes. I can't contract for safety. Because if I contract for safety and I hurt myself I won't be able to live with myself. Because then I broke a promise. I'm having 15-20 anxiety...
  14. Angel Of Darkness

    Atos seeks early exit from fit-to-work tests contract

    Not sure if you guys have read this yet :) Atos seeks early exit from fit-to-work tests contract IT company Atos has confirmed it is seeking to end its government contract to assess whether benefits claimants are fit to work. Staff carrying out work capability assessments for Atos have...
  15. RainbowHeartz


    ive a problem, i had time off work and they gave me a second chance telling me my probationary period they will extend for another 6months asking me to work on my attendance, only ive injured myself at work so now ive got another interview on wednesday the letter says that they may terminate my...
  16. delatext

    Atos win contract

    Atos win Personal Independence Payment contract for most of uk worth a billion pounds, see Benefits and Work web site or Values in Scotland. sadly it gets worse the 'heartless' coalition show their true colours. expect more hardship, poverty and worry, wish I could bring good news, please join...
  17. B

    Feel like a child....Im so ridiculous

    So Hi everyone. I have been around on the forum fairly regularly but haven't posted my own thread in a while. I was meant to have my sister to stay from Sunday through until Thursday or Friday and this is all the more poignant because when I met and moved in with and married my partner and...