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  1. Funnyday


    I sometimes get flashbacks of traumatic events. I know what the triggers are. However, I sometimes get taken by surprise. This can be in any place. At home or out and about. When this happens it takes over my mind and leaves me unable to continue. I should of put this in my ESA50 form that I...
  2. H

    should i continue?

    I been in therapy 8 years I been trying to get ssi for 6,am so desperate to get it I told my doctors I hear voices when I don't. I really need money I don't feel difrrnt with or without meds should I continue?
  3. 1

    I want to quit but dont want to let people down

    Hi, ive struggled with anxiety for a few years and depression more recently. I have a busy job and also manage a local football team. My anxiety has really always been caused by work related circumstances but over the past few weeks/months the football manager role is really taking its toll. I...
  4. A

    Tonight is rough

    Demons what let me sleep so many voices and thoughts running though my head I can't control couldn't move and I feel like it's out of control tonight I have a feeling that it's going to continue until the right ONE helps and saves me though this madness god I pray for help
  5. O

    ESA and University?

    Hello. I'm currently in my first year of University and also receive ESA. I didn't know i had to inform the Job Centre in my change of circumstances. I recently did and they are evaluating the decision. I'm not fit for work however i really want continue with my degree. I suffer from Delusional...
  6. N

    Can someone give me a clue please?

    I realise I have been depressed since a young child. The results of being exposed to alcoholic abuse, and both physical and verbal by my mother. A long line of failed relationships followed by 15 years of marriage to a Sociapath. Now totally isolated. I cry to quickly, I know my thinking is...
  7. S

    Bad side effects with Citalopram

    Hi After several years of suffering and multiple attempts of getting help, I started citalopram yesterday and felt grey strange, sick and dizzy then had a huge migraine. Taken another today and feeling odd again. I know these are common side effects but has anyone else had them badly? Will...
  8. F

    I give up

    hhere we go again.. emotions locked down. hope dead again. no motivation to continue. Anarchy from withi. ii'm once again drinking to subside this pain, to feel. I don't know what do. Im done trying to get better. Threre's no better. i no longer believe in happiness,, I can't leave my past...
  9. C

    Taking a break

    Hi all, I've decided to take a break from the forum for a while. As most of you know I've made great strides in my recovery and have returned to work on a part-time basis. But I'm still spending too much time on here which is impacting on my life in the real world. I think I need to spend the...
  10. F

    Why do I continue?

    I hate myself. I'm stupid. I haven't achieved anything in life. I don't take care of myself. I don't take care of my opportunities. I'm anxious on a daily basis. I can't sleep at night because I think too much. I'm insecure. I'm a disappointment to my parents. I'm a disappointment to everyone...
  11. S

    Gang Stalking of the Mentally Ill in the USA (Important coded messages in this Article)

    Gang Stalking of the Mentally Ill in the USA (Important coded messages in this Article) http://nyti.ms/1XKyyWY United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers By MIKE McPhate Continue reading the main story via link above
  12. N

    I still have a lump on my forearm where I had my depot injection

    and it's been over two weeks since having it, If I continue with injections would it be a permanent thing?
  13. R

    Being Logical During Depression

    I suffer from Type 2 Bipolar Disorder. Although I have never been formally diagnosed for fear of stigmatization, I have been able to research and understand that that is my condition. When I suffer from manic depression, I hear voices telling me to commit suicide. Sometimes I get specific...
  14. L

    Blame and Gang up on Hattie Day.

    This is your one chance to blame me for everything and gang up on me as a whole forum. It's been happening to me all day at work so please let's let it continue
  15. L

    Dealing with depression

    Hi guys i have been under depression for the first 2 years,this has made me to not concentrate with my work.this started from when i separated with my partner whom i endowed very much,for those who have passed through this what made your life continue as normal again,i feel like am a very...
  16. W

    capability termination

    hi new here, 1st post. suffer from depression for several years, been diagnosed with parkinsons, i am a 60 year old electrical engineer working on live terminals ( large central battery units for emergency lighting) my HR at work has mentioned capability termination in a meeting we had. I feel...
  17. L

    Am I depressed ? Is this ruining my relationship?

    Hi, I really need some advice. From around June 2015 I have felt considerably down. I thought this was Normal however after a few months I began to suffer with insomnia most nights of the week and my sick days at work have escalated rapidly. I currently am at the stage where I cry myself to...
  18. Unique1

    Depression Alliance Joins Mind..

    http://us13.campaign-archive2.com/?u=5cdb8551b0768a6367578a7e6&id=8c837022de&e=f5fff0540f Depression Alliance joins Mind This is an exciting time for both organisations, as we share both values and goals. We all want to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds depression, and...
  19. O

    OCD best gloves for cleaning & advice

    I have OCD and one of my main problems is touching things and having to wash my hands this is worse when I know what I'm touching is dirty so of course gloves! However my doctor/ dentist gloves break a lot when cleaning and the normal washing up gloves aren't long enough and after one use they...
  20. F

    What to do to send to my BPD girlfriend the message that 'I won't take this any longer'?

    What to do to send to my BPD girlfriend the message that 'I won't take this any longer'? Hi, I'd like to introduce first my background and my situation. I'm the boyfriend of a BPD sufferer. She is 19 years old. We've known each other for almost a year and a half and I have learned to cope with...