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  1. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Does anybody have experience with heroin?

    Heroin? Who else has done heroin? I haven't had any in prob ten years or more but today I was fiending for it really bad. How long has it been for you and do you still crave it? If I had any contacts I would have gotten some today. Even though I'm broke, I would have found the money somehow.
  2. D

    It's good to talk.

    My initial reaction to the suggestion of counselling was No Way. The thoughts of telling anyone the crap that's been going through my head for years made me cringe and honestly panic a little :eek: After thinking about it for the last few weeks now, I desperately want to talk to someone. I...
  3. I

    !! Please read !! Abuser contacted, abuse addicted

    Someone from my past contacted me on Facebook. I have a severe addiction to reliving my sexual traumas. I have a NEED to let this go where I know it is going. I NEED IT YET IT'S MURDERING MY WHOLE "SELF." HELP! ---- I know that if he contacts me in the next few days, it's done. This has been a...
  4. Konifera

    Broken up with for my Depression

    "I don't feel that I can leave this relationship and ever live to be as happy as I was before it [with or without you]." I tell everyone I date that people make promises to stay and help me over my immense mental struggles and always have had said what they tell me now, but they always lead me...
  5. bluemoon2

    I miss my friend

    To cut a long story short my day hospital thought it would be within my best interests to take a temporary break of contact from a close friend I developed strong feelings for. They realised a lot of my anxiety was stemming from having to see my best friend in a relationship with someone else...
  6. AlexisWillow

    Feeling Low

    Today is the worst I've been in a while. I woke up and everything was fine, but then my chest pains started again. It's getting harder and harder to breathe, and I feel like my life has no purpose anymore. If I do have Cystic Fibrosis, I'm not going to be alive long anyway, since I've had no...
  7. H

    Need a logical assessment of the situation

    Today I was minding my own business when suddenly out of the blue my mom told me to call my optician's store and order four boxes contact lens and she would pay/collect. I was apprehensive to call because I had no idea what was going on, what details to tell the people at the store, and...
  8. K


    does anyone have any emergency numbers to call? cos i aint and its kinda emergency deal. ALL MY contacts gone? help does any one know who tocall?
  9. A

    First contacts with people in crisis and spiritual emergencies

    Interesting Document - http://www.courtenay-young.co.uk/courtenay/books/HANDBOOK_First_Contacts.pdf