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  1. F

    CBT, I have contacted the NHS, has anyone else dont CBT?

    Hi all Today I contacted the NHS via email. I have been passes on to a self referral web site which have mental health help. Has anyone else done any CBT on the NHS, what does it entail? Thanks
  2. O

    BF broke up with me because of mental illness

    My boyfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago. It was during the worst time in my life, my depression was unbearable. He was always kind and supportive about my mental health. However when it really showed its true colours we ran into problems. I had been struggling with more than depression...
  3. R

    No face to face, advice sent to descion maker at dwp

    Hello everyone. I suffer with severe anxiety disorder, anxiety/panic attacks and argoraphobia. I was first called to have an assesment as my GP did not provide the correct information to the CHDA. However I was offered a home visit once all correct GP records were faxed along with a support...
  4. valleygirl

    I have a job interview tomorrow!

    I submitted my resume yesterday and they contacted me this morning and my interview is tomorrow afternoon!:clap:
  5. M

    Crisis teams

    Can they be contacted on Christmas day? m
  6. I

    !! Please read !! Abuser contacted, abuse addicted

    Someone from my past contacted me on Facebook. I have a severe addiction to reliving my sexual traumas. I have a NEED to let this go where I know it is going. I NEED IT YET IT'S MURDERING MY WHOLE "SELF." HELP! ---- I know that if he contacts me in the next few days, it's done. This has been a...
  7. F

    Partner left me and kids including our baby Christmas Eve

    Hi All I'm just after some support, my partner who I love very much left us on Xmas Eve and didn't come back till Boxing Day! His excuse was he thought I had said something nasty about his family which I didn't! He left his family here for me to deal with in Xmas eve , when they went home I was...
  8. S

    Another CS investigation

    Hi I'm after some advice regarding yet another Child service safeguarding investigation my family and I are under. I'm a mum of 2 and I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the beginning of the year after spending 4 week in a psychiatric hospital after overdosing a few times. Child...
  9. S

    I managed to get PIP benefit

    I was put on standard rate daily living component which is £55.10 and the claim lasts 2 years and 6 months. I'm just over £10 better off a week than I was with the DLA. I was expecting to have to go for a face to face interview with ATOS but that did not happen. I just today received the...
  10. katya

    Can't really live at my mum and dad's

    The train to where I work is like two hours with a load of stops, so even if I get up stupidly early, I'll only get there just in time for school and that's not ideal; I usually get in about an hour before everything starts so I can get some stuff done. Plus there are plenty of opportunities to...
  11. J

    no family...no kids :(

    I'm new here. I saw a thread online and wanted to response. I registered and now can't find it. It was on being childless late 30s 40s. I suffer from depression but I know what I need. I feel lost. I came from an abusive home and don't have a single family member. I have no connections that...
  12. M

    Hypothetical question

    Let's say 'person a' is a female 25 years old and she attempts to kill herself via whatever method and her intent is to end her life (she dosent take pills and then walk into a and e and disclose what she's done - she genuinely wants to end it - now let's say a passer by discovers her and calls...
  13. M

    Not fit enough to drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The dreaded brown envelope dropped through my door 2 days ago advising me to send my driving licence to the DVLA following medical reports. I have been driving since the age of 17 yrs with no claims on insurance. I was advised to contact DVLA following hospital admission under section 2 and...
  14. P

    My ATOS journey....

    Hi everyone. I am new and this is my first post. I'm glad I found this forum as have been alone for my ATOS journey so far.... I suffer with GAD, Panic Disorder, OCD, Agoraphobia and depression. I have pretty much always worked up until November 2013 when I became quite badly ill. I was...
  15. R

    Advice please *Trigger Warning*

    My partner has a friend who she has known all through school. Recently within the last couple of years he has developed symptoms of what we believe are schizophrenia. I'm not sure if he has been formerly diagnosed as he his not a close friend. Previously he contacted a mutual friend through...
  16. L

    MH Solicitor

    I contacted a new solicitor who asked to meet me at home I feel this was a bit out of order. I contacted her to arrange to meet at her office and she hasn't answered. Nor has she answered whether she has ever managed to get someone completely off section not just what they normally do which is...
  17. R

    Why am I so stupid?

    I have an appointment with my therapist tonight and we are supposed to be discussing my new rational way of dealing with my worries. I am worried about my diagnosis currently....can't get it off my mind. A letter from my psych mid-week aggravated the situation somewhat. My therapist contacted...
  18. A

    Losing a grip on reality!

    Hi, Im new here and would love some advice... (Been on Citalopram 10mg for 2 weeks and upped my dose to 20mg 3 days ago.) Ive been having extrmeley heightenend anxiety and the thoughts I usually have are not going away. Ive become obsessed with thinking that my bf is cheating on me and keep...
  19. Inthedepths

    Can we ever escape the clutches of depression permanantly?

    Hi All, I have been free of medication since June this year and I have been coping relatively well, with the odd couple of bad days but nothing really terrible. In the last few weeks I have however been contacted by one of the people who was part of the reason I was depressed in the first...
  20. M

    I'm new here so don't shout at me...

    if I speak out of turn. I mean, I like your jokey heading with all the laid back guys, but what's that purple tubular bug-eyed thing? A psychiatrist???:tongue: I'm 58 and started to hear voices when I was 7. Actually I grew up thinking everyone heard voices, but had to start admitting I was...