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  1. K

    I’ve been through a lot lately....

    For starters my aunt basically ruined my life by insisting my dad knows every little detail about my life and now he is demanding that I stop taking meds and going to therapy. He also refuses to believe I’m gay because I don5 fit the stereotype. And he doesn’t believe in the mental health field...
  2. qwerty1234

    Values anxiety

    Constantly afraid to live in accordance with my own values, too scared
  3. S

    Pyschosis and my partner/ Quetiapine

    Good morning, Last night I had the worst type of conversation with my fiance about how his medication/mental illness is making him feel constantly angry at everyone and everything, he says he is constantly unhappy with everything even saying last night he wasnted to finish our relationship as...
  4. A

    Physical Anxiety Symptoms

    Hi all thank you for taking the time to read my post! I’m interested to know whether other people have this symptom? I fight the urge to gag constantly, my anxiety is based around a long standing phobia I have of gagging/retching vomiting but recently I’d say the last year the gagging sensation...
  5. S

    You know your having a bad day when ...

    Your pet fish dies and all you can think is 'lucky bastard!' Why does everything always happen at once - feel constantly shit on right now! Seriously over it!
  6. H

    Generalized anxiety

    Hi I'm new here. I'm just wanting to reach out to anyone feeling the same way as me. Im 28 years old and I suffer from generalized anxiety/social anxiety. I constantly feel like people are judging me or looking at me even if I'm just at the grocery store. If someone cuts me off while driving, I...
  7. P

    Living on autopilote

    I just realized I have some patterns in my thinking which have been affecting my every day functioning my whole life. I would be grateful if you could help with insights on how to help myself effectively to overcome these patterns. I am prone to overthinking whenever I have the time and...
  8. Ivory_NK

    Severe BPD

    I'm suffering in every way imaginable severe depression mania paranoia insomnia anger constantly living in fear and constantly depressed to top it off theres nothing i love better than numbing my emotions with alcohol, but i become a complete nutcase and recently got out of prison because of...
  9. G

    Constantly under attack

    Hi everyone and thanks for all your support in getting me through my hard times. I wasn't sure what to name and title this. Long story short, I'm literally constantly under attack. Whenever I'm happy, life's woes send extra weapons out to destroy my soul, ego and happiness. When I'm unhappy it...
  10. M

    Never felt so alone

    Recently got out of a 8 year relationship and I have never felt so alone, I have no friends and no one to talk to after or during work so I just spend all my time in my head that doesent stop talking and I am really starting to give up. The relationship was not great as I was constantly was...
  11. B

    Feeling not good enough at uni :(

    Does anyone else get these crippling feelings of unworthyness? My tutor hates me. He keeps picking on me and using my work as a bad example :( I’m very anxious now to make any work and I’m constantly stressed about what he’s gonna say next. I already suffered with anxiety and depression and this...
  12. L

    Difficult parents - how to forgive and move on

    Hello everyone, I just need to talk to someone about a situation that has been causing me enormous anxiety and stress. My parents have always been quite difficult, in different ways. I must say that I didn't spend the early years of my life living with them but with a relative as they were...
  13. M

    What should I do?

    Hello, This is my first post here and I wasnt really sure where else to go. I have a constant feeling of worry around other people like they hate me and are constantly judging me. I worry about events coming up in the future, have to build myself up for days to make a simple phone call, and...
  14. A

    advice on everything

    Hello, i don't know what to do and don't have anybody to turn to and ask! i always feel sad,no motivation,no friends at all,cry a lot , no interests whatsoever, hate going outside, too shy to talk to anyone, constantly feel like i bother everyone, very bad social anxiety, too ugly to even show...
  15. L

    Wonder if anyone ever in the history of mankind have had similar thoughts as me.

    Wonder if anyone ever in the history of mankind have had similar thoughts as me. Hello, im a male, 27 who`s been suffering from mental illness since 13. It started with an extreme depression and i later developed other illnesses like social anxiety, compulsive thinking and even chronic fatigue...
  16. M

    Feeling constantly unbalanced?

    I feel mentally unbalanced all the time, like there's no natural stable condition in my mind. It always feels chaotic, as if I'm constantly arguing how to behave mentally. Can anyone relate?
  17. G

    relapse into the spiral of depression again

    I am new...never been on a site before ...seeking like minded people I guess. I have tell tale signs of unravelling. ..no appetite for life or pleasures, irritabilty, self loathing. ..constant internal voice of telling me I'm no good...over analysing everything and anything which is constantly...
  18. B

    Relapsed again

    Struggling with alcohol and drug misuse, due to BPD for years. Constantly relapsing. I am sick of living like this. I can't deal with my impulsiveness. What do I do?!
  19. T

    Need advice asap

    So I’m 2017 I went through postpartum psychosis and since then I’ve been on anti depression meds and anti psychotics well I’ve been having a bad side effect of seroquil where my vagina tingles and feels like turned on constantly even though I am not well I learned today it was a side effect and...
  20. O

    Knife edge emotions

    Feel like I can be down one minute and ok the next. It can literally change back and forward all through the day. It's like my emotions are constantly on a knife edge and im not sure what way its going to fall. Anyone else experience this?