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  1. F

    Consta to Paliperidone

    Just had my Consta depot. The nurse would like to switch me to Paliperidone. Apparently with this mental health trust they prefer to use it rather than Consta. I am wondering how others have got on switching from one to the other.
  2. F

    Fecking irritating

    Small amounts of saliva keep oozing out of the corners of my mouth. At first it seemed to be only when lying down but it's not. Ok not life threatening but very irritating and i've got the urge to frequently wipe the corners of my mouth/getting to feel very self conscious about it . As Consta is...
  3. F

    switch from Risperidone consta to Paliperidone (Xeplion)

    My consultant is moving me from Risperidone consta to Paliperidone soon. Has anyone else been moved onto this drug? I'm really nervous about it because i'm quite happy with the Risperidone and changes meds is always quite scary I think. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this...
  4. C

    Weight gain on Risperdal Consta and Citalopram

    I am on Risperdal Consta injection 25 mg and Citalopram 30mg. I have gained 3 stone in two years, yet I don't seem to overeat, I am wondering if my medication is causing this weight gain. Has anyone had experiences of weight gain on such a small dose? I am seeing my pdoc on Monday and wanted to...
  5. ~minnie~


    I am on 25mg risperidone consta and my dr is thinking of increasing it as my voices havent stopped, I aslo take 2mg of haloperidol. Is anyone else on either of these meds and how have you found being on these meds especially the risperidone consta injections. I am scared of the increase