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  1. B

    Is it likely that I'm bipolar?

    I have been formally diagnosed with dyslexia and aspergers. I take cipralex (Lexapro) for depression and anxiety, which the medication controls perfectly. Normally I am completely fine to have no connections with anyone and just keep to myself, with no highs or lows. But when something bad...
  2. cpuusage

    Biological Origin of Schizophrenia

    Biological Origin of Schizophrenia | HMS Excessive ‘pruning’ of connections between neurons in brain predisposes to disease.
  3. C

    Caring Connections

    Hi folks, I would like to introduce a new service called Caring Connections which is managed by Support in Mind Scotland a national mental health organisation that support all affected by mental ill health including families and friends (carers) of those experiencing mental ill health. Caring...
  4. L

    I think I have depression

    Hi, I'm new here. Actually it's been a while since I figured out that my life is not as qualified as i want it to be. I think i'm suffeering from depression and it's getting worse. I went to the psychologist last year and she didn't say anything about depression but i still think there's at...
  5. T


    My name is Tess. I am 26 years old, but i feel more like a 14 year old. I am a student in an Emergency Medical Services program, on my way toward Paramedic certification. I am active politically (a communist, currently working on Bernie Sanders' campaign). i am an equestrian. i have a passion...
  6. I


    My first post - I've always been social, and had a fair amount of friends throughout life until now. Aged 20, and after a series of poor decisions, I've alienated almost everyone I've ever known. I have a loving family so that is no issue, however i am the only one around my age which gets...
  7. E

    Emotional Connection

    Emotional connection with others is vital for well-being. It releases the "cuddle hormone" oxytocin and has a comforting effect. Sex and hugs are most commonly mentioned as the ways to get a shot of oxytocin. But there are also other ways to get an oxytocin boost. It turns out that we all need...
  8. Q

    Social apathy?

    I wouldn't say that I have social anxiety, though at times I act in a way that mirrors it. From what I gather, people with social anxiety are afraid to talk to people, nervous about what might be said about them, etc. But for me it's more that I just genuinely don't care about most of the people...
  9. S

    What can meds do?

    Hi everyone I'm new here so please bear with me! I've been diagnosed schizoaffective, I'm very confused. I hear voices all the time & have some insights regarding the inner nature of the universe which creates major anxieties many folks can't understand... I'm taking 5mg of rispiradone, 120mg...
  10. cpuusage

    Journal Explores Connections Between Religion & Mental Health

    Journal Explores Connections Between Religion & Mental Health | Mad In America
  11. I

    my voice

    I hear a voice that is my voice, and it's impossible to have a dialogue with her (like in the book by Ron Coleman and Mike Smith)because she says only broken sentences,very confused. Can you suggest me a way to find out what does it mean and how to cope with it?(I can't understand what she wants...