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  1. S

    Great anxiety over appearance all the time, mentally exhausting.

    Hi. Bit of a long post, but please bare with. There's a good chance I have body dysmorphic disorder (Not self-diagnosed as such, long story). I'm going to be referred to a psychiatrist soon for a diagnosis and treatment, but I wanted to reach out before then as well. I used to be normal in...
  2. B

    Hi Ya'll

    Hello there. I've just plucked up the courage to join here after looking around to see what's going on. I've struggled with my mental health for over 20 years :low: Due to various traumas that have impacted me emotionally growing up. Which in turn affects my confidence communicating +...
  3. S

    Thinking of getting in touch with my friends but i'm unemployed

    Hello everyone! Back in 2015 I had it all, friends and money but then my mental health problems i spent years hiding got worse to the point where they hit me hard physically and emotionally and one day in work I took a good long look at my situation and thought to myself that I cant go on like...
  4. J

    I need help with confidence , self esteem , anxiety

    Hi I’m 28 , and last year in may I started having a psychotic break. I started hearing voices . N being extremely paranoid . Also suffering from anxiety . I got token to the hospital and was prescribed meds. Basically through this whole process I was at home n bc of lack of mobility I gained...
  5. sastre

    is this ocd?

    so a few years back, in 2010, i started repeating positive affirmations in my head. some examples would be, "i have a lot of friends." i would repeat phrases such as that over, and over, and it would significantly boost my confidence. it seemed like i would become a different person. but after a...
  6. D

    Am I a good person

    Am I a good person because there are times I don’t feel like one or I don’t know who or what I am anymore. If I do a simple mistake or any type of mistake, my manager talks to me like I was a little child and she keeps telling me I can go to her with anything but when I do I feel nuisance so my...
  7. J

    Building confidence?

    Hi all, Recently turned 28 and throughout a lot of my 20s have suffered from anxiety and depression. I have just got so used to life being this bad, no career, no friends, lack of confidence, feeling like a failure. I currently work in sales administration and at least it is a job yes but...
  8. C

    confidence increases anxiety

    I've not been around in a while. But I have been spending much time trying to 'fix' myself in what area's i can. I can't say for def if it is related, but I think diet really does affect how you feel. I've been eating healthier for the past three weeks and I beginning to see a difference in my...
  9. H

    Applying for jobs

    Hi everyone, I’m a new member hoping to get a little advice. I’m 30 and I’m looking to try and get myself back into work. I suffer with depression and anxiety and have always dreaded coping with work. I had a baby at 21 and relied on benefits for some time. I then had an apprenticeship/cash in...
  10. J

    How to get over it all?

    Hi all, First post here and not really sure if this is the right place to write but here goes. Recently turned 28 and throughout my 20s have suffered with anxiety/ depression/ low self esteem. It all started when my parents got divorced 10 years ago, it was a hard time and bad divorce and my...
  11. G


    Hello everyone, First of all my english is not so good so apologies in advance. i've created this post to share with you guys the main problem in my life, which is extreme social anxiety and lack of confidence, it's been there ever since i can remember. at school i was different from most of the...
  12. O

    Please help me what do i have???

    I wouldn't necessarily say I have low self-esteem. I don't usually think lowly of myself. But I am very sensitive to criticism and I think my self-esteem/confidence is very fragile. It fluctuates a lot and seems to be very dependent on what others think of me in whatever situation I'm in. I can...
  13. U

    I need help

    Ever since I can remember, I have never really had many friends, we all went to different unis and now in my final year of university. To combat this, I met my girlfriend 2 years ago and have spent nigh on basically everyday with her since then. I’ve loved every second but since I’ve never had...
  14. Alex_Nash

    How do I stop being self centered

    All this loneliness made me self centered. I am able to myself in other position but I don't have the necessary knowledge to help them. How do I help others? This random girl asked if i could carry her stuff up the stairs to tram. I accepted. I felt this emotion: confidence which made me happy...
  15. G

    I am so negative these days

    I'm not happy these days. There is something bothering me. I call it "evil in my mind". It's something that I create to torture myself every time when I feel bored. I have low self-esteem, my friend said I have no confidence at all, not just low, it's Iike I have zero confidence. I guess this is...
  16. S

    feeling unconfident and trapped

    how do i go out of the house and do normal things , how do i join things when i struggle with social situations ( never feelin i fit in , feeling on the outside, feeling distanced from everyone , not being able to relate or really talk to people because of the way i feel inside , feeling...
  17. S

    32 girl , no friends to see , never had a bf either, worried il be alone forever

    32 girl , no friends to see , never had a bf either, worried il be alone forever i am 32 years old , i have never been in a relationship with any guy .the main reason for this being . i am shy always have been , i've never felt confident enough to approach a guy even if i saw a guy that...
  18. O

    Crippled by anxiety and no confidence

    So this is the first time I've opened up about how I feel. My girlfriend knows I'm not happy in my job but not really more than that. The best I can do is is paste in some notes I made today. Sorry it's a ramble but I just feel the need to write it down. Not sure what I'm looking for from this...
  19. K

    I think it's time I get help?

    I've been struggling for a long time now, I've never seeked professional help so I am undiagnosed. I don't know if I have an actual mental illness or I'm just making this all up in my head. I've been very down for about 2years now, it has lead to self harm 2 attempted overdoses. I have always...
  20. I

    what is wrong with me?

    Hi when I go for interviews i can never relax or have confidence I myself the last two interviews I failed.