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  1. M

    Sex drive

    I'm on antidepressants from 2009, which affected my sexual desires badly, now I'm not sure whether I should consult a concerned doctor or not! Help me please
  2. Funnyday


    I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks time. Hopefully, the voices leave me alone. Has anyone some advice as to what measures I can take for when I'm away. I'm really looking forward to it but concerned if I have a relapse when abroad in Gran Canaria.
  3. C

    Sertraline 50mg - anxious about potential symptom?

    Hi Just been given sertraline to start tomorrow, however I’m slightly concerned about the potential side affect of diarrhoea. I am a teacher and an terrified about something happening while I’m teaching...is this likely?! Is there anything I can do to try to minimise the likelihood or effect...
  4. P


    Hiya. This post isn’t about me. I’ve been through severe depression but found a way out and come out the other side and I’m okay now. It’s about my ex boyfriend. He broke up with me recently which I’m obviously sad about but I’m so so concerned about him that I think it’s not benefitting...
  5. M

    Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy (we got drugs too though)

    I was one of these lots bowel movements from the pop propagandized culture. You were concerned with your dick or **** in it. Happy glad pictures, devices and fingers in the pudding of power right up top your shit so you don't have a choice. Please take this dopamine depleting pill so you lust...
  6. B

    Friend with BPD

    Hello, I'm really worried about a friend. She's got BPD, but I'm concerned that she may also have symptoms of some kind factitious disorder. I'm not sure what's going on, If shes delusional or not. I want to try get her help but not really sure how to go about it.
  7. manicstreetpreacher

    How do you know when drink too much?

    Is it volume, consistency, both or something else? I am asking as I am a little concerned about my own drinking.
  8. P

    Depression and severe weight loss. Should I be concerned??

    Hello. 24 year old female, I have struggled with major depression for years and am a suicide attempt survivor. About a year and a half ago I fell Into a deep depression and wasn't working or anything and dropped to a lot of weight. Since then my eating habits have gotten so bad and erratic. I...
  9. H

    Attention Deficit Disorder

    Sometimes what happens to me is I get totally deflated, no motivation and all I want to do is sleep. It's like an extreme feeling of boredom. When it happens, I cannot accomplish any tasks. By chance, I found a solution which works really well for me. I have some knee pain which I occasionally...
  10. M

    how to help?

    I bought sex and feel sick with guilt. I've been to a therapist and they said since I've realized it's wrong I should just move on but that wouldn't feel right even if it was possible; after all the person I paid can't just wave it off. I want to try and make a positive difference, not that it's...
  11. D

    Advice sought for someone very ill with alcohol addiction

    Hi, has anyone been to rehab on the NHS and can they say how helpful it was? I was a bit taken aback when I rang a rehab advice line and they said that someone would be weaned off alcohol over a week. The person who I am seeking advice for is a very heavy drinker and has become very unwell and...
  12. N

    Should I tell my psychiatrist I'm getting very euphoric feelings?

    I have an appointment next week with my psychiatrist. My grumpiness lifted and I focused all my energy into fitness and lost nearly 3 stone, my motivation has now gone but I keep getting these intense euphoric feelings that comes in waves and I've been feeling really positive. I don't know...
  13. cpuusage


    "There is no categorical distinction between drugs that are prescribed by doctors for mental health problems and those that are used for ‘recreational’ purposes. All these drugs act on the brain to induce an altered state of mind, in some cases pleasurable, in some cases not. Indeed, the term...
  14. D

    I want to harm myself and others

    Is this normal behaviour for someone with depression? I won't go into specifics of course, but I keep on having thoughts of harming myself and my family (not kill, though). I'm quite concerned about this though in case I actually go through with something at one of my worst moments.
  15. T

    Introducing myself

    Hello, Thank you very much for letting me register on this forum. I am here because I have a dear friend, whom I have only met a few weeks ago but with whom there was an immediate click, but I am very concerned and a bit troubled about a few things he told me about himself, so I am looking for...
  16. S

    Hearing voices

    I told my doctor that I had been hearing voices for about 4 months and he said not to worry about it, He did nothing, that's it. I'm happy in one way as I was concerned that he may send me to hospital but I thought he would be as concerned as I was. I'm going to do everything I can to research...
  17. G

    Avoiding psychiatrist appointments

    I am due an appointment with my psychiatrist next month. My last appointment was in October and I didn't go because I don't agree with the diagnosis, he doesn't listen and is very dismissive. Also he won't agree with my reducing the meds. I was officially discharged from other contact with...
  18. S

    concerned for a friends mental health

    Hi guys, I am concerned for a friends mental health, I went round to visit her and her boyfriend on the weekend, and I was innocently minding my own business playing a video game, when out of nowhere my friend said to me, "Are you drawing energy from me?" Do you not have your own energy?" , I...
  19. L

    Changing to WRAG

    Hey everyone, So due to my mental health improving, come January, I'll be moved to WRAG (ESA). That will be around £46 less than what I'm getting now. I have £100 therapy fees per session and £60 towards living at home. I'll have to give up my private psychiatrist. :/ So I'm a bit worried...
  20. R


    Hi everyone I'm concerned because I ate a low number of calories today. This is the first time I've eaten a low number of calories since my ED has been back. I'M concerned that that number is to low. Im scared to share that number because I don't want to trigger anyone and I'm not sure if I'm...