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  1. M

    Saying hello

    A hello to everyone! I'm not really sure what to put here... So hi really Quick bit about me, I'm a mum :grin: I'm a lover of books music and writing. I also love to play computer games. I have had/have PND and anxiety, but I refuse to let it win. I'm a good listener too :)
  2. A

    40something, on the computer EVERY waking minute (what is wrong)?

    I am in my 40's, married, female, with two young children. I don't know why but I am on my phone or laptop EVERY SINGLE minute I am awake (other than when I shower for example). I'm happy with my life but need to stop this addiction. I have sought counselling but it doesn't work, and I have...
  3. N

    Heard Voice - A gliche?

    Hi Evening Folks, Just at the computer, in at home, which is non lap top style, normal desktop computer, and I am at the computer without listening to music/muscials. All of the sudden, and I have been for a long long time, very well, hearing voices, wise, i suddenly felt I had a heard voice...
  4. S

    How to regulate my gaming time

    Hello all. I would like to state that this matter has been discussed with my therapist, and I have not been diagnosed with Gaming Addiction! Now that that is out of the way, there is still a pretty fine line between passion and addiction, and even though to me and my therapist that line is...
  5. M

    Hello and new

    Hi, I'm molly2 ..stumbled on this forum by accident. I'd really love to talk sometimes to people who understand the day to day, and beyond, of living with long term mental health issues. even just to share a cup of tea over the computer would be nice as I don't have anyone who gets it at all, or...
  6. N

    A Heard Voice

    Hi All, I happened to just have been the only one upstairs, which is the case usually in at home, and others are around in their own room, or downstairs, and maybe ahving a late lunch after shopping, and all of the sudden, and I was at the computer, I had a heard voice happen. I don't wear...
  7. F

    Psychobiotics: Microbes, Mood and the Gut-Brain Connection

    Podcast by Danny Whittaker October 30 2017 Psychobiotics: Microbes, Mood & the Gut-Brain Connection (Scott Anderson)
  8. R

    BPD and mania?

    The GP I saw yesterday asked me the strangest thing. I went there because of the antidepressants and feeling depressed recently, also I thought maybe the medication was responsible for vivid nightmares. Anyhow, he said that wasn't a side-effect and the nightmares are probably due to the...
  9. Kerome

    Spirituality and computer games

    I've been having dreams which are about computer games for nearly a year now; I sleep, and on waking I find I was just in a dream which was a game. It had game like graphics, or a user interface, or there were other signs. It has bothered me, because I stopped playing games about 5 years ago...
  10. D

    Face-to-face assessment postponed because of DWP computer problems

    I was supposed to attend a face-to-face assessment about my ESA (I have Support Group) today. I got there (Hatfield, Herts.) at exactly the time I was given i.e. ten minutes before 9.45. When I arrived I was told that the DWP computer systems were down, and the person who was supposed to see...
  11. katya

    Closed eye hallucinationsI

    Is it normal to see images when you close your eyes, before you go to sleep? I see flashing lights, which become moving objects - bodies, faces, cars, something like a camera rushing over a landscape. Sometimes I can see my computer screen when I close my eyes, and things pop up and I...
  12. G

    Mental health TV shows - Saturday 10/6/2017 to Friday 16/6/2017

    Broken last week on BBC 1; Father Michael counsels an enigmatic woman, while a devoted mother is desperate for Father Michael's help when her mentally ill son experiences a psychotic episode. See the episode here - BBC iPlayer - Broken - Series 1: Episode 2 (Another episode is on Tuesday on...
  13. L

    Mirtazapine and valproic acid

    Hi, I am on 45mg per day of Mirtazapine it stops me waking up in the morning and getting angry at myself and now I take valproic acid I got this prescribed in the Netherlands by the fact team as my doctors in the UK say no to everything I tell them such as I am too intelligent to have Autism or...
  14. N

    Technical Problems - in at home, via 2nd computer

    HI everyone, I wasn't too sure where to post this, so I thouight in this forum section. I'll be having computer problems today, hopefully intermiitant, we'r e only down to 1 computer at home for the moment, so that means, three of us in home are sharing one computer. This will probably take...
  15. N

    Hey there

    Hey guys, I am a male from Algeria, I do some propaganda work about NPD and Narcissists, to raise awareness on the subject. I enjoy Computer Programming, Drawing, making websites anything to do with a Computer :P Thanks for reading.
  16. P

    Going thru some tough times

    I just need to talk, because my brother didn't seem to understand how I was feeling. I finally asked my husband to leave. He has neglected our marriage for 7 years because of his work. He projected his anger onto me, disliked it if I would try to express myself and rarely was understanding or...
  17. cpuusage

    The empty brain

    Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories. In short: your brain is not a computer by Robert Epstein https://aeon.co/essays/your-brain-does-not-process-information-and-it-is-not-a-computer No matter how hard they try, brain scientists and cognitive...
  18. W

    My voices threaten dispicable, unmentionable violent act on my Mum.

    My voices yesterday were threatening to directly control me and have me RAPE (yes, rape) my own mother, who lives with me (we look after each other). They threatened to do it this weekend, and were saying things like 'that's the last time you'll use a computer', 'you'll never be released from...
  19. P

    Feel like I'm 60 years old

    19 y/o male and healthy weight, go to the gym about every 2 weeks, and I try to eat healthy. I was diagnosed with ADD at a young age but mostly i have been able to control it. Recently though I have felt all of my motivation completely leave me, and my body feels a lot weaker. I have literally...
  20. pepecat

    The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence

    The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence | Spirituality & Health Magazine The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence A former monk shares insights from a year of solitary prayer and contemplation A few weeks after I graduated from high school, I left home and went away to a monastery. For...