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  1. S

    Obsessive,constant thinking and analysing

    Hello everyone! It is one of my first posts at this forum, so I ask you for understanding. Since about six years I am very slow-moving. My work efficiency , measured in corporate jobs, is 30%-60%. In 2001, after examination period at my university: convultions, nervous shake-ups like in...
  2. E

    OCD symptoms? Not sure what's happening to my brain

    So a few months ago I was driving in my car on the highway at night with no other cars around when all the sudden I had the urge to swerve my car. I acted on this urge and swerved quickly into the other lane as if I was trying to flip or crash my car. Afterwords a huge wave of anxiety(as if I...
  3. D

    what have you found has helped with compulsive overeating??

    I didn't used to have a problem until I was prescribed psych meds. Since then I have had a problem with compulsive overeating. Can anyone offer any advice on what would help?
  4. Beergardenweather

    Pathological liars

    So not very often ,but every now and again I read that BPD ppl are compulsive liars. I find this really offensive. I couldn't lie to save my life and I'm really not convinced this is actually a symptom of BPD. Thoughts?
  5. C

    One month Detox from the internet.

    As wonderful as this incredibly supportive environment is, I've decided to quit it temporarily because I seem to be spending far too much time on here, and on the wider internet generally...again... So I'm going to do a one month Detox from the internet and all stimulants I'm currently using...
  6. C

    i cant find the name for this mental illness?

    ok im realy obsessive,but its not obsessive compulsive bastically i cant let things go,i obsess over it none stop it gets to points were tahts the only thing on my mind,i cant do anything els if theres a topic im obsessing about whats the name of this?
  7. S

    Will BPD always ruin my life?

    Hi there. I recently got diagnosed with BPD and I'm terrified. I've suffered with it for years... Compulsive lying, constant loss of relationships, loss of Jobs, loss of housing, feeling isolated, scared all the time, sometimes I don't know where I am or how I got there. I don't know who I am...
  8. A

    New here...

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum, but not really sure what to put here. I go by AnxietyPrincess, so as you can probably infer, my mental illness is deep rooted in anxiety. I've got Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD, and GAD, as well as issues related to chronic pain. If you have any...
  9. V


    Hello! Does anyone here have trichotillomania ? If so, do you have any tips on how to stop this? I have struggled with this on and off for years, but this is the worst it's been in 15 years. Any tips you have would be appreciated!
  10. B

    Compulsive liar....

    Hello, I have a question open to any one, but first I have to tell the story. I am recently married and my wife's mother is a compulsive liar. I don't want to fall in to the stereotype of a son in law who doesn't get on with his mother in law, but it's happening. Every one knows her as a...
  11. G

    Please help

    Two years ago I restricted my calories. Two years later I literally can't stop eating. I try not having anything in the house and go out to eat but I find my self going into some sort of numb state where I end up in the shop buying loads of junk food then binging on it. can someone please help...
  12. Gajolene

    5-HTP: Prozac’s True Alternative

    5-HTP: Prozac's True Alternative | Wake Up World Van Praag’s and Young’s work suggests that 5-HTP is more likely to be effective for those suffering an anxious, agitated, aggressive, irritable depression and is rarely effective for those suffering from a severe, vegetative, total “blahs”￾ type...
  13. amathus

    Compulsive Hoarding (Article)

    Compulsive hoarding - NHS Choices "Compulsive hoarding means excessively acquiring items that appear of little or no value and not being able to throw them away, resulting in unmanageable amounts of clutter." Do you have a tendency to hoard things?
  14. R

    Compulsive lying along with Bulimia

    Hi There. I just joined this forum because...well, Im finally facing a lot in regards to my mental health and I feel I need the extra support as Im very confused. In fifth grade I was diagnosed with depression. A lot had happened in life, three grandparents died within about a year and...
  15. Q

    Compulsive behaviour

    Hi im new here and havent read through many posts so i dont know if this is covered but im having a tough time and wanted some advice. I feel like a terrible human being and that i deserve whatever happens to me. I have suffered from depression (non diagnosed but i know) in the past. I have...
  16. C


    King's Lynn and Cromer Norfolk OCD Support Email - [email protected] Tel - 07554 991 813 or 07599 246 753 Cromer support group St Martins Church Lounge Suffield park Mill road Cromer NR27 0AD Meets the 1st and 3rd Thurs of each month, 6.30pm - 8.30pm. Kings Lynn support group...
  17. C


    Bury St Edmonds Overeaters Anonymous Focus 12 82 Risbygate Street Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP33 1TQ 07939 563282 Meetings are gatherings of two or more compulsive overeaters who come together to share their personal experience, and the strength and hope...
  18. C


    I have 3 grown up children, one suffers with depression as do I, 1 has OCD and 1 has quite a severe tic. Now my 5 year old grandaughter is showing signs of compulsive behaviour. My mother was manic depressive and I worry all this is somehow related. Is this possible?
  19. tabbykitten


    Apologies to non UK forum members as they will not know of what I speak. TV show called Gogglebox with members of the public filmed in their own homes watching and commenting on various TV programmes. Entertaining but the usual reality TV rubbish. One of the programmes discussed this week was...
  20. V

    Constant singing in my head

    Hi, I'm new in the forums. I have a problem with constant music in my head. It seems to be my inner voice replaying songs on an on (normally songs heard recently, but sometimes old songs start playing randomly). I'm 20 now, but it started about three years ago. I think it could be anxiety, but...