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  1. B

    Looking for advice

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for some advice on how to handle a situation. As someone with BPD, I'm trying to find a way to effectively handle an ongoing situation without spiraling out of control. So here goes. I was in a psychiatric hospital for 3 months last year. In that time I made friends...
  2. P

    Hi forum people

    Hello everybody, Pouncerfur saying hello So last weekend I did something a bit stupid and mixed a lot of alcohol with tablets, which is the second time in two weeks, thankfully I'm fine but I've freaked myself out enough to realise I'm not taking care of myself so here I am. I've a few diffrent...
  3. H

    Dating and relationships

    Anyone else totally failed in this ? I think maybe I could only have a relationship with a woman who has ASD. But I have no options on that. I'm in a complicated situation at the moment.
  4. Sugarplum

    I hate the fact I'm back

    In the last few days I have had really bad suicidal thoughts again. I am alone with this. It's really complicated, but I could do with some support.
  5. W

    Really scared!

    Just spoke to a friend, who has told me my ex-partner is in hospital with chirosis of the liver. Really complicated what happened between us, not enough space to tell you here. Anyway Really scared and worried. Did i cause this? is it my Fault? probably! Help! i'm scared.
  6. B

    Loosing control over my life

    So hi world, don't know if anybody will read this,I don't know if I'm f,,,ing crazy but I feel like I need to ventilate some thoughts and feelings. I'm gonna try to summarize everything. I'm a 25year old woman struggling with a broken family, we used to be an ordinary loving family until the...
  7. M

    What's wrong with me?

    I have come to a conclusion that life is utterly pointless. I am assured I do not have depression as if I really wanted to, I CAN push myself to go for a run, or go see friends. I do however find that nothing is quite worth 'it', whatever 'it' may mean. I haven't found myself 'happy' and I...
  8. Jojojabini21

    Too Much Pressure At Work, can't do it anymore!

    Hi, My main line manager at work has been away for two weeks and although I've still been struggling, my supportive team and the rest of the management committee still active have been wonderful and making my life as easy as possible. Today is the first day my line manager has been back and...
  9. M

    Completely lost.

    I'm not sure what to do anymore. :( I'm so confused and lost. I'm so depressed that all I can do is just lay in bed, drowned in my thoughts. And no matter how hard I convince myself to do something else, I just can't. I feel so aggressive and distressed at the same time. I'm having these...
  10. C


    Today my anxiety is high. The tension in my shoulders and back is horrible. I'm getting shooting pains up and down my arms and in my chest and in my head. My throat is tight. All because its Halloween and I'm going to a party. I wouldn't go expect its a family party and well I'm worried about...
  11. dubblemonkey

    comfort is hard to find...

    it's clear and terrible that most borderline personality people don't make it... they just do not! I am a borderline personality person... I still am shaking my head about it.....every day I shake my mentally ill head. and I have accepted that it's going to me and only me! it saddens me...
  12. T

    Lied to therapist :(

    Hi... I've been in group therapy for 18 months and have now moved to individual therapy with my key worker from that group. When I started, I kept a massive part of my life secret - I don't know why, it's not a bad thing but it is a big part of my life and it's so complicated now, I feel like...
  13. C


    Hi I was on here five years or so ago can't remember my user name then. Life has been verty difficult due to recurrent depression and anxiety. Now have diagnosis of borderline personality given to me at age 52! I also think I may well have some form of bi polar. Lets just say I am a complicated...
  14. dubblemonkey

    it's ok to be complicated...love dm!

    ...every effort makes sense all alone...! and every sense makes no sense...! and even if nothing makes sense? ....there are enough things to help us help each other... much love...dubblemonkey
  15. C

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, I am suffering from early stage of depression and I'll be having my first session with a psychiatrist in a fortnight. I'm 27 years old working woman, and reading the life stories of some of the wonderful people here, somehow makes me feel like my anxiety is a petty thing. My life is not that...
  16. V

    Don't know how to start

    I told myself when my daughter turned 18, that I'm getting my life back, however, that isn't happening. Everything is so complicated. I promised myself that I lose the excess weight I gained over the last five years, 110 pounds, that isn't happening yet. I also told myself I'd quit smoking. It...
  17. dubblemonkey

    I know that it is ok

    there has been too many attempts at finding some-body. and I know that I am way too complicated. the experiences of some wonderfull women some gorgeous girls... the times have gone otherwise into the distance.... my illness was always .... and my illness is always.... bipolar and...
  18. B

    Living With Toxic People?

    I feel completely 'stuck' in my situation. I live with my brother who is abusive - He mentally and physically abuses me daily. I also sometimes live with my Dad and our relationship is much more difficult and complicated, but definitely not healthy. How do I live with someone who constantly...
  19. N

    psychotherapy group facilitator making me feel down and inferior

    Hi all, My problem is my psychotherapy group facilitator is making me feel down,inferior and causing me to be withdrawn. I feel being in the group has helped me tremendously as I have been able to recognise and take little nuggets of information from other group members which has really helped...
  20. dubblemonkey

    I hate how the best people die

    ... are we any different to these people... but that an overwhelming feeling can not become a caring transaction with all the sick fucks! ..that try to fill themselves up with those that are delicate and in need of comfort... Amy Winehouse died on my birthday... this world kills the same...