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  1. M

    18 traumas and counting

    5 years ago I was diagnosed with complex PTSD. Complex meaning I not only have flashbacks but disassociate on a regular basis for a few hours at a time in which I have no idea what I do. Sometimes i come home with injuries that I can't explain. They have been known to last for up to 6hours and...
  2. supergreysmoke

    Jesus Mania (Is it a God Complex?)

    Trying to figure if the times I've channelled Jesus to the point of certainty, turning tables and that sort of thing. Is it my ego was too big or too small? Was I having a God complex moment like world leaders do all the time, or nearer the humble reckoner wrecking out of justified anger at...
  3. O

    Help! I think my brother may be going off the deep end

    I love and care for my brother but I think something is wrong with him. If you saw his public Instagram you would see what I mean. It is an interesting look inside his mind. He posts pictures of himself half naked all the time, and he devalues others all the time. For some reason he is all...
  4. N

    Feel like there's no way out

    Just to preface this with I am currently under the care of a home treatment team, so please do not worry for my safety. I just need somewhere to rant about what is currently going on, I'd also like some input, suggestions, advice, kind words, harsh words, whatever. I feel like I have no way out...
  5. B

    Can't find job... inferiority complex is creeping in

    A friend of mine has been on his 15th job inteview... I've known him since our high school years... He's very capable and hardworking. The problem comes when the interviewing panel finds out he didn't come from a good school. Why are big companies so biased with the school you graduated from...
  6. AliceinWonderland

    A couple of helpful articles on Complex PTSD

    I read these couple of articles about Complex PTSD and found them helpful. I especially liked the first one from The Mighty, it explains clearly how anxiety and depression in c-PTSD are different from anxiety and depression in other circumstances. The second one talks about how c-PTSD is being...
  7. S

    B complex taken with medications. Interactions?

    A little while ago, I took a B Complex multi vitamin (with Vitamin C), by the brand Nature's Bounty. Shortly before that, I took my antipsychotics and generic Lexapro. Before I felt kind of weird, and I still feel that way. Could it be because of possible interactions?
  8. P

    My girlfriend has a need to help people and is trying to break up with me because of it

    My girlfriend has a need to help people and is trying to break up with me because of it Hello, The title explains pretty much what is happening its a very long story so to summarize it shortly. My girlfriend had a need to make friends a while back so obviously i let her and during this time she...
  9. B

    do i have "inferiority complex"? need to vent my current situation

    do i have "inferiority complex"? need to vent my current situation hello people, i need help of my current situation. its been months since i post here. so... before, im dealing with severe depression but now i think its little different. its hard to describe but its not good. its like, i...
  10. AndyRoyd

    What works for me

    I'll cut a long story short - Since the doctor gave me a diagnosis of depression I've done a lot of research and I'm currently taking, Bimuno L-Theanine High strength B complex vitamin D Its not perfect but its a lot better than the side effects from antidepressants.
  11. NicoretteGummed

    Bullying causes Type (2) PTSD otherwise called Complex PTSD.

    My life could have been very different if my Secondary School had addressed my bullying but instead they blamed it on me. Judith Herman pioneered the establishment of Complex PTSD to be included in the DSM and people with PTSD are highly vulnerable to Alcohol and Hallucinogen abuse which is...
  12. J

    John Ross

    What is the best medication for anxious avoidant personality disorder, complex PTSD with hypervigilance and mixed anxiety and depressive disorder? Thanks.
  13. M

    Off Drugs

    I have had to be taken Off Depakote and Serequel because they nearly killed me (not intentionally) after 10 years of being on them. What will my life be like now. (Complex PTSD).
  14. N

    Vitamins as medication?

    Hi this is my first post so apologies if there is anything wrong with it... I'm going to start to use supplements to combat my anxiety, I've spent days literally days researching them and my stack will consist of ... Magnesium Vitamin D And Vit B complex The only thing I'm unsure / uneasy...
  15. G

    Tough time?

    If your going through depression , or hell how about thinking outside the box and look at the bigger picture you are a tiny soul (ball of energy) in this complex universe technically all you are is dust in the wind...... Kansas - Dust in the wind (Lyrics) - YouTube Thinking like this has...
  16. S


    Hello, thank you for making me part of your site.... It's good to have somewhere to talk, especially with complex needs and complex mental health problems... I'm Niki, I'm 24 From the South East of the UK. Nice to meet you
  17. S

    Paranoia in an apartment complex.

    Hey, so I just moved into an apartment complex. Had some guys help me move in and everything was okay. 30 min later, this woman from below comes by to complain about the loud footsteps and furniture sounds from the movers. I kind of apologize and tell her it wont be that noisy ever again. As I...
  18. C

    Thought I,d say hello again

    Hi everyone. I have been a member a couple of times now since 2008 but not been involved for a long time. This is now a good time for me to get some support from this lovely forum and hopefully make some on line friends. Ok so about me. I am 55 and have three grown up children and a...
  19. N

    problems with vision

    I've got messed up vision, everything shimmers and 'breathes'. Lines of text float about and I get a lot of after images. It's annoying and gets me down sometimes. It has been like this for a long time. I'm currently on aripiprazole and it has helped a lot with the more complex hallucinations...
  20. C

    It's never going to end is it

    Something was said yesterday in the village shop which really shocked me and made me so distressed I could scarcely get myself back to the house through the haze of tears which I couldn't stop from falling in floods and tides. I was in the queue waiting to buy my milk for the day and these two...