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complex ptsd

  1. E

    Hello from South Bend, Indiana

    Hello Everyone. I hope you are all doing well this Holiday season. I joined the Mental Health forum in search of help with dealing with my newfound misdiagnoses of 17 years. I was diagnosed Bipolar in 2001. I did the stupid thing of dropping therapy over and over again thinking i was not getting...
  2. T

    Your best advice recovering from PTSD?

    I suffer from Complex PTSD, it's just like PTSD but with extras... lol :grin: Have been fortuned to get a really good psychiatrist the past few years and have learnt so much about PTSD. Am currently well on my way through recovery. :) I'm sure there are more of you out there that have a lot of...
  3. B

    Complex PTSD and Anxiety

    Sorry, this might be a bit of a long post, I'm having a really rough time at the minute. I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD by a counsellor a couple of years ago. I went through an extremely traumatic event as a child, and have since been raped twice, was almost kidnapped, almost died in...
  4. V

    Registering with a new GP - refusing home visits

    Hi, I have moved home to a new area which took me several months to actually build up to and do with support. I suffer from panic disorder, agoraphobia & complex PTSD and have been pretty much housebound since 2011. I have been getting repeat prescriptions (Escitalopram) from my old GP while...
  5. R

    Please can someone advise?

    I am hoping very much that someone can give me some advice urgently. About seven ago, I was seeing a Consultant Psychiatrist for a very long time on a very regular basis, fortnightly actually. When he retired in March 2008 (only a year later to work privately in exactly in the same hospital...