1. cpuusage

    A Completely Different Perspective On Trump

    A Completely Different Perspective On Trump’s Presidency. This Will Make You Think – Collective Evolution
  2. Shadow-one

    Is there anything worse than BPD?

    I am struggling so much at the moment - I almost feel like I'm fighting myself.. I can't get my own head around how I feel... and IF I do manage it - I feel something else entirely before I have a moment to process it.. I feel very depressed and see only darkness and depression in my future.. I...
  3. C

    I am mentally exhausted and have no motivation

    Hello I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, since i doubt i suffer from an actual depression, and might just sound like a lazy douche, but here we go. The last year i have felt completely drained for energy. I procrastinate everything, and always skip day-to-day homework. Even...
  4. C

    When Does It End?

    I am 45 years old, and I still wake up from nightmares and am flooded with memories and intense emotions. When will my nightmare end? How do I get it to stop? I'm already on antidepressants. I tried therapy a few times, and it was completely ineffective. The people who repeatedly beat and...
  5. S

    Accepting the world how you see it

    The next time I try to come off medication I'm going to try this approach, Accepting the world how you see it. Last time I had an episode I tried to tell myself that everything was a delusion, didn't last long, lasted about 10 minutes. It's my behavior and attitude that needs to change. Might...
  6. Q

    Why can't I recognise myself in the mirror?

    This may or may not be the correct place to post this but I'm struggling to find an answer. I'm 18, been ill with IBD for 2 years, often took up to 24 tablets a day, experienced the classic anxiety/depression combo but don't feel depressed as much anymore, just mild anxiety about social...
  7. E

    How do I know if I have bipolar?

    Recently I had a massive breakdown and my life completely fell apart. My mum thought I might have bipolar, but I dismissed it. I have a sister who has bipolar symptoms, she isn't diagnosed. Basically my mood has generally been depressive throughout my life, but at times this has completely...
  8. cpuusage

    Jesus and the Essenes

    Jesus and the Essenes -- The Essene Way of Life -- Olivier Manitara "The Master Jesus was a very simple man who walked in the street in the middle of the people, who spoke directly with them and who lived in the company of his few disciples. Of course, there was a goodness, a purity, a royalty...
  9. Poopy Doll

    and now, for something completely different

    I'm depressed. It's situational depression. I'm not use to this.
  10. Goatfish

    Do you like stories? This is mine, with advice.

    Firstly, a brief introduction to me. I commonly refer to myself as an enigma, a pessimist that tries to be optimistic. I tell things as they are both good and bad, and many people don't appreciate it. I spend most my life in observation, defensive. I notice peoples weaknesses and the best ways...
  11. C

    Mental health services

    I hate mental health services. How do I make a complaint and be heard? I've tried complaining before but it was useless. They have been completely unprofessional with me . What can I do?
  12. blueMandM90

    Other peoples expectations of you as a person

    Hi Everyone, Have been wondering recently does anyone else feel as though they are expected to be "a certain person" and live by "a certain way" by what family/friends/others say? I find this stops me from doing what I want in my life in everyway. For every important/non-important decision...
  13. S

    Had enough of my life!

    Hi. I'm new to the forum but I don't know where else to turn. Please tell me this gets easier because right now I have had about as much as I can take :( My partner left 2 weeks ago as he suffers from Bipolar and can not cope living with my children. This is the 4th time he has left in 12...
  14. I

    suicide is only option

    Hi the future is so scary and I'm in too much pain from these bullies and users who I thought were friends and who were horrible and just used me I done everything for them,I'm thinking if I can get past three last few weeks at work and then do it on a day in the summer hol and start writing...
  15. I

    do i look for another job?

    Even those the bullies work.on another site to get away completely I'm considering looking for another job what do you think?
  16. Tired Daisy

    I need some anger mamagement

    I need some anger management before I go crazy and end up losing it completely and doing something I'll regret either by hurting somebody or myself. I live in London and need some help with anger? Can anybody direct me to a helpful service? I'd really appreciate it if somebody could please.
  17. P

    Deja Vu Nausea and Negative Mental Auras

    Hello everyone. I was unsure which forum would be best to post this in, so I just decided to go with Other Conditions. I suppose it is best that I give you all an overview of my background first. I am a Ph.D. student currently. I have always been a deep thinker. Sometimes I have let things get...
  18. C


    I am not feel too good about things and would like some advice. I have been like this for a long time. Not able to get anything done. Completely demotivated. Avoiding stuff, staying away from people, even my own kids, hiding away in my room just wasting my life and everyone else's..:low:
  19. S


    Had to register with a new doctor because iv moved home from uni but the doctor I saw to get a repeat prescription of setraline didn't have my notes and so when I told him I needed another prescription he laughed and asked why I'd been prescribed it. I was completely unprepared to explain...
  20. T

    Has anyone tried clozapine?

    Hi my CPN told me that he knew a guy that was a mess and he took this medicine and he was a completely new person. I've been offered it twice so far so they must think it would help me please let me know your experiences GOOD and BAD.