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  1. D

    Could it be PTSD?

    Hi all I am new to this board. Here is a quick background. I do have BPD and this year has been very traumatic. I have a form of Hypermobility and 14 years on (I'm 28) I am still waiting for an official diagnosis. This year there have been major physical changes I've jumped from having 1...
  2. K

    I have relapsed back into Anorexia and need advice or even just a chat...

    I have relapsed back into Anorexia and need advice or even just a chat... Hi all, This is my first time posting after being recommended to use this site by another member. I'll keep this as short as possible but wondering if there are others that have managed to beat the disease and have...
  3. L

    1st Psychiatry appointment

    I've been struggling with depression since my early teens and after giving up completely on health professionals, I made one last ditched attempt and seen a new doctor at my surgery. She's been great and actually taken time to look into my history/take bloods etc but felt a referral to a...
  4. H


    I'm really struggling and don't know what to do anymore. I feel like everyday is one long panic attack and it's only getting worse. I end up completely bouncing off the walls at night and I've been self harming, it's the only thing that brings me out of the totally manic state that I get in. I...
  5. Fairy Lucretia


    im not coping being around people please nobody email message or phone me im feeling suicidal and everything is upsetting me if i survive september/october i might come back so i won't close my account completely just want to die and need to be alone sorry
  6. J

    Can I be signed off for good?

    Hoping someone can help me (To make it clear my work year is September-July with a break through August- don't want to confuse anyone) Ok so last year (September2016-July2017) I was signed off numerous times due to depression and anxiety. My mental health was getting worse due to the way I...
  7. E

    When is it acceptable to show scars?

    ​Hi, I have scars from less than a month ago on my lower arms which are pretty obvious and older scars on my shoulders. The scars on my lower arms go all the way down to the edge of my hand and are very hard to cover, even with completely long sleeved tops. I personally don't have a problem...
  8. L

    I'm in trouble

    Some of you may know my dads ill and the mortgage has gone to hell and we are at serious risk of homelessness. I've spoken to MABS, to homeless charities and a myriad of other places and they wont help us as it's technically dad who's in trouble and he cannot speak to them. Got a letter today...
  9. S


    Can weed make schizophrenia worse over time? Should I just stay away from it completely?
  10. G

    Not sure where to turn

    Hi, Erm, not sure how to begin. I've had mental health problems for years, never been properly diagnosed tho, always just fobbed off with anti depressants by my doctors even tho I've asked to be referred for an assessment. My sisters and parents have always said there's summat wrong with me...
  11. ChloChlo

    I have a confession...

    Some of you may remember the post I made referencing my accidental overdose last week. That was true, and I am completely fine. I have now labelled my tablets to prevent a recurrence. The thing is, two weeks before that, I DID OD. It wasn't an attempt on my life, I must stress. Whilst I think...
  12. J

    Anxiety won't let me sleep until completely exhausted

    Hello everyone, I'm 22 and I've been suffering from anxiety for almost 4 years, going on and off some medication but without it (or psychoanalytic theory) doing anything about it. Lately I've found myself not being able to sleep until I'm completely exhausted. Whenever I try and turn off the...
  13. D

    Where can I get help / who can I talk to?

    I am completely emotionally unstable. I might be fine one minute, laughing hysterically the next, then 10 seconds later completely dejected. My confidence level fluctuates from "I can to anything" to "I'm a worthless loser" and back time and time again. The only way I cope is to "zone out"...
  14. C

    I'm really struggling

    I feel completely under appreciated and of no use to anybody. I'm setting incredibly high standards for my friends and when they can't keep to them, I'm cutting them out of my life. I don't know what to do
  15. T

    Being drained completely from PTSD

    Hello everyone. I'm posting this because this is something I've been needing to get off my chest for a very very long time and it seems this is my best place to seek advice on said subject. I have been a musician for 8 years now, and a CNA for 4. My life dream has been to be a professional...
  16. 6

    bipolar and marriage

    ugh. my bipolar is pretty much in check. Admittedly I had 2.5 weeks of feeling completely like myself and then the last 5 days i am back to feeling ok but not normal (if that makes any sense) but my marriage feels like it is in shambles (note: we don't argue (or really talk at all) and both of...
  17. L

    Still struggling to come to terms with the bpd diagnosis

    I was diagnosed with it 4 years ago and it has made me worse. I have asked for second diagnosis more times than I care to remember and no one will let me get a second diagnosis. I don't want the diagnosis. I hate it. Since I got diagnosed it's done nothing but send me on this downward spiral of...
  18. freshstart2016

    Quick Update!

    Hi All Many thanks for those who replied to my previous thread about my drunken encounter. Anyway today was d day. I was really nervous because it would mean seeing my colleague. Bascially when he came in, he made a joke on whether I had a hangover? He informed it was all completely fine and...
  19. N

    completely lost all sense of selfworth

    I have completely lost connection to the three of my closest friends in life. My parents are seperating and I haven't told anyone. I have no relationship with my father and my relationship with my mother is pretty much ruined. I have no one, nothing. I have no hope,faith, happiness or anything...
  20. A

    Asking for depot??

    I'm having a medication review with my consultant and CPN on Thursday because I recently went into crisis after stopping my medication without telling anyone. I was on Aripiprazole 15mg (now on low dose trazodone to help sleep) and they're looking to either increase the dose or change the...