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  1. 1


    things are on the down again after being settled for over 2 months, my consultant is "impressed" with me and my CPN feels like im finally beating these diagnoses. but today im doubting it ... so after a month of waiting and planning ive been prescribed medication again. basically been off meds...
  2. Kerome

    Monk radio on Psychedelic Drugs

    I thought this little video was interesting, about a Buddhist monks perspective on the way Psychedelic drugs can be used to help get a more complete view on reality. Do you think psychedelics can ever be useful for spiritual progress?
  3. P

    Am I a real nobody?

    I walk around pretending to smile until I just can't take it anymore. I swear my world just turns upside down when my husband leaves for work. Kids turn into complete monsters. They listen when he is around but as soon as he leaves all hell breaks loose. I am the one that the kids think they can...
  4. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Does anybody have experience with heroin?

    Heroin? Who else has done heroin? I haven't had any in prob ten years or more but today I was fiending for it really bad. How long has it been for you and do you still crave it? If I had any contacts I would have gotten some today. Even though I'm broke, I would have found the money somehow.
  5. R

    No face to face, advice sent to descion maker at dwp

    Hello everyone. I suffer with severe anxiety disorder, anxiety/panic attacks and argoraphobia. I was first called to have an assesment as my GP did not provide the correct information to the CHDA. However I was offered a home visit once all correct GP records were faxed along with a support...
  6. G

    PLEASE ANYONE ADVISE ME IM DESPERATE and scared what the hell is the matter with me

    PLEASE ANYONE ADVISE ME IM DESPERATE and scared what the hell is the matter with me Hey, Do you mind letting me know if you relate to any of my symptoms? I'm going for therapy soon...maybe they'll diagnose me. 1. Addictive personality - drugs, alcohol, spending money spending an entire months...
  7. J

    My family have stopped speaking to me.

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, i don't know where to begin so sorry for the waffling, for a long time I've felt the odd one out in my family, i am the eldest of 5 and I've had some terrible experiences happen to me over the years, i am now on sertrailine after having what i think was a complete...
  8. I

    feel like a complete prat failed terribly

    Hi I had another interview I looked stupod felt stupid I was waffling along and what is worse Is that my mum works there so I made a complete idiot somewhere my mum works,also I tucked rge dissabilty box because I suffer from.dyspraxia and he didn't understand why I ticked it first .
  9. I

    messed up interview

    Hi all I messed up the interview I had the other day at Tesco,basically I logged on to dashboard and saw my application status changed to unsuccessful.I think it was because having to catch two trains,and i messed up on work trial and i think I was too nervous and probably a few years ago when I...
  10. I


    Went to Dr who said they don't see any point of me going back and have signed me off complete notice period just so scared of telling work.
  11. S

    Totally Pissed Off, Fed up

    Ended up quitting an anti-depressant because I could not get the prescription sorted out. Within less than 3 weeks I was in a seclusion room of the mental health hospital on a section 3. First I was going off like someone with bipolar mood disorder which I have never had in my life then a...
  12. L

    I'm here to help understand more.

    I'm lucky enough to not suffer from mental health illness myself. However my Boyfriend has suffered for most of his life and I want to be able to support him the best I can. But I guess I feel I also need support too. We are going through a tough time as he is unemployed and hasn't held down a...
  13. cpuusage

    The Return of the Prefab. Britains Journey Back to the 50's Almost Complete.

    The Return of the Prefab. Britains Journey Back to the 50's Almost Complete. The Return of the Prefab. Britain's Journey Back to the 50's Almost Complete. | The Druids Loom "With the prefab making a comeback, Senior Conservative ministers are celebrating the almost complete regression of...
  14. sheeba8188

    previous substance abuse caused my mental illness?

    Does anyone else believe that prior to years of prolonged substance abuse that they never had a mental illness and it only came ti light after complete withdrawal from these substances?
  15. T

    Is anyone online please help me please talk to me I'm in serious trouble...

    Is anyone online please help me please talk to me I'm in serious trouble... Is anyone here? I think I might seriously be about to end my life. I don't know what to do or if anybody can help me. I can't call crisis lines because I'm terrified of talking on the phone. I disfigured my face with...
  16. A

    The RAIN

    :woohoo: It's just started raining heavily after a heatwave lasting a week, I find it so oddly calming sitting with the door open and listening to the pelting of it. And the smell too, I feel like it is a medicine or a relief for the emotions I've had recently, like it's washing things away...
  17. S

    How to describe depression to a complete stranger?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here :) I have a very nasty illness called Fibromyalgia which includes depression as an associated illness. As both illnesses share many symptoms is is difficult to tell where one ends and the other starts. I take Mirtazapine. So I am trying to complete...
  18. S

    So incredibly lost.... Help me

    Hi guys. I'm new here. I'm doing this because I don't know what else to do. I'll try to share my story quickly. 4 months ago I found out that I have a medical situation that needed treating so in my stupid logic I quit my job thinking I'll take better care of myself if I don't stay up till 5 am...
  19. P

    Advice on counselling

    Hi, I'm new here but I'll try keep this short and to the point. I had counselling two years ago for pnd. I have had a rough few years with anxiety/depression and have had a few relapses, so I'm starting counselling with a new counsellor next week. I always struggled to talk in therapy. I...
  20. BillFish

    My wife just took a complete eppy at me :/

    My wife just had a complete eppy at me and trashed my computer room in a rage, because I told her I'd bought some camera stuff. Had to stand between her and my pc. Funny thing though that I can't get my head around though. When I do it she phones the authorities and I get incarcerated for three...