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  1. Tired Daisy

    My neighbor is monitoring me

    So this could be purely paranoia or my gut instinct is correct. I think my neighbors might be making noise nuisance sheets about me and they have been doing it for some time. I'm not a noisy person I don't play music and if I do it be through headphones and I never watch TV as I'm mostly on...
  2. P

    im in a frustrating situation.

    Hello everyone. I guess i just need to vent and get support for what has happened. A guy that I chatted to a few years ago- we met on a dating site and chatted for a few weeks and added each other on fb. There wasn't a connection so we both just went our seperate ways but remained friends on...
  3. E

    Annoying Family

    Hello, am unsure if I am posting in the wrong forum and to which if I am I apologize and would appreciate it and not care if it was moved. Onto the topic of why I am making this is obvious, my family. I've never once since hitting 13 have gotten any positive comments from them. They have...
  4. F

    Upstairs neighbour is harassing me and not a single person will believe me, I am just going to commit suicide

    Upstairs neighbour is harassing me and not a single person will believe me, I am just going to commit suicide I did post on here before but there is an update. The man upstairs who is twice my age has been harrassing me ever since i complained about his laminate flooring. All it has taken is...
  5. F

    Neighbours are bullying me and it is making me Ill, Nobody cares

    I moved into this housing association property in march 2015 due to Domestic violence at my last property. Ever since I had both the male tenants bothering me to try get to know me. I do not believe it is a sexual thing, I believe it is more nosey. I am in the middle, One male downstairs and...
  6. P

    Downstairs neighbour complaining

    Hi, I live in a council flat and the neighbour below is complaining he said "why are you so noisy all the time?' He says he can hear me going to the toilet and slamming cupboard doors. Last time he complained the housing officer came to see me and just checked I had carpets and said he was...
  7. B

    Overdosed twice this week

    No hospital admission although I was kept in for two days on a drip, I overdosed two days previous to that. Is this treatment appropriate? So far oh cpns have complained about me using their services too much.
  8. SomersetScorpio

    Sensitivity To Sound Linked To Creative Genius

    Read more Good news, my misophonia isn't crazy. It's a sign of my genius. :mrgreen:
  9. K

    My dad doesn't understand many things about me or my life.... (A rant)

    My dad got mad at me because I already spent my monthly budget on buying some stuff I needed. He complains that I "always" buy things when I get money and asked why it's that way. He has no idea what it costs me to do laundry and also how many quarters each load takes. I mean I'm paying $1.50 to...
  10. Jonwal

    Mental health in my area

    Hi my name is Jon and I have been self neglecting for most of my life. I came into the service after attacking my mother 4 years ago and joined headspace. My mum neglected me growing up then she teased me about it making me feel like I'm useless and an idiot and saying that and everything was my...
  11. Zanily

    *Trigger warning* please HELP. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I need advice QUICK

    *Trigger warning* please HELP. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I need advice QUICK Hi everyone I'm frightened and I'm in a real state. I don't know what to do and I need some help My neighbours are generally noisy and I always try my best to ignore them. Up until now, the only time I've...
  12. M

    Complaint about psychiatrist

    Hello, I was reading a thread and saw-- "Good Psychiatric Practice 2004 states:" --and thought it would be of help when making my complaint. Where would I find the whole paper and it would be of further help to me? Has anyone else complained about a psych doc? if so have they any tips thanks mh
  13. BillFish

    Just complained to the BBC

    Hi, I just complained to the BBC about one of their shows and the use of derogatory terms to describe people with mental health issues. It struck me that its the last open discrimination accepted by the media and TV.It seems to be open season when it comes to derogatory terms for us, even on...
  14. nickh

    NHS Constitution

    I got hold today of a thick, glossy document called 'The Handbook to the NHS Constitution'. You can order or download a copy at.... http://www.orderline.dh.gov.uk/ecom_dh/public/saleproduct.jsf?rowId=292327 Basically it is an explanation of the new 'NHS Constitution' which comes into full...