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  1. A

    tbi plus

    hello! i have a traumatic brain injury due to a severe car accident in 2015, and if you add a TBI and mental illnesses, you get a huge mess. everything is amplified to about 5x the energy used to fight these thoughts, etc... i don't like to talk too much to people about my mental mess and how...
  2. P

    Get your artwork posted in public sites in London

    Hi all, I am new and wanted to share an opportunity with you which may be beneficial for your health and wellbeing if you enjoy writing, drawing and arty pursuits. This is not a spam, although the title might sound like it, apologies- was unsure what to call it! There is a competition that...
  3. N

    My friends kinda abandoned me

    I'm sorry this is pretty long but I've been really hurt recently and I don't have many people to turn to anymore. I was recently part of a competition with four of my friends. We'd just all found out we had graduated uni and we were all really looking forward this competition, it was the first...
  4. Gajolene

    12 Toxic Behaviors That Push People Away From You

    12 Toxic Behaviors That Push People Away From You | The twelve most common toxic behaviors we see are: Being envious of everyone else. – Don’t let envy (or jealously) get the best of you. Envy is the art of counting someone else’s blessings instead of your own. There is nothing attractive or...
  5. F

    Mental health art competition

    Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust has teamed up with 1in4 People to launch the competition with the theme Dignity and Tranquility. The competition is open to people of all ages and a series of workshops will be hosted around the district to enable people to experience the...
  6. porkpie

    Befriender / traveling companion.

    I really want to travel abroad. I want to find a Befriender / traveling competition to accompany me on holidays. I can go with my support staff here but have to pay just over £1000 a week for wages alone without the holiday costings on top. I only want to go away for two weeks somewhere like...
  7. cpuusage

    The age of loneliness is killing us

    The age of loneliness is killing us | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian For the most social of creatures, the mammalian bee, there’s no such thing now as society. This will be our downfall ‘Social isolation is as potent a cause of early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day...
  8. F

    Had a strange dream

    That i was going when younger with someone else to a competition for people with disabilities and i got separated from the other person and got lost. When i eventually arrive it's to be questioned where i got to by the grown ups and to hear the other boys really angry because they lost(it was a...