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  1. B

    Recent realizations

    I have come to realize as of late that I am in a truly helpless situation (I know that sounds melodramatic, but there really is no helping me, aside from somebody handing me thousands of $ and I have never received a hand out and never will). And the 5 years of suffering at my last job...
  2. Funnyday

    The long wait for receiving back my driving license

    It seems to be taking forever. I returned my license to DVLA when I was hospitalised back in March 2017. Its now the end of September 2018 and I still have another couple of weeks to go. I know that a section of the law allows for me to drive while waiting for my license back. The trouble is...
  3. E

    ADA Question

    I wanted to know if I have a valid argument and should I seek legal advice? Hello, I have been with my company now for several years as a cyber security analyst. I am a veteran who suffers from severe chronic PTSD and my doctors have submitted my ADA paperwork to my company to work from home...
  4. D

    Good days and bad days

    This week has been difficult, sometimes I wondered if my job is worth it or my life is worth it. My staff has seen a different side ever since some people left the company and I realised that I was bullied but didn’t realise until they were gone. Ever since they are gone, I seemed happier and...
  5. B


    Hi, I'm 40 and have had social anxiety and depression for most of my life. They vary as to how bad they are, but things aren't so great right now. Even though I don't mind my own company, I feel very isolated much of the time, so I'm here to hopefully get some support and chat to others who feel...
  6. K

    Severe anxiety and now jobless

    Hi all, apologies for the length of this. My anxiety has got so much worse over the last few months and I feel like I'm at breaking point right now. I've worked for the same company for nearly 7 years, I started as a shop assistant and then moved over to the head office where I had a...
  7. N

    Supported Living company. They take you seriously when you threaten to complaint on Twitter.

    Supported Living company. They take you seriously when you threaten to complaint on Twitter. They don't give a shit when you make one direct to them. The new person potentially moving in came to look around again on Friday with his Mum and the support company knew about his arrival for some...
  8. S


    Hi All I was hoping that i could get some assistance here. In January i left a lovely office (lets call it company A) where i knew lots and lots of people and had many friends . I had flexibility and a very good salary. My head was turned by a recruiter and i accepted a position (Company...
  9. S

    Eating crow.. delicious..

    Yesterday.. There was a problem with propane gas in the house. We, tried to fix it ourselves, but couldn't. We're pretty handy around the house, but for some odd reason - the pilot light would not stay lit. Ferrell Gas had just filled the propane tank - and we were wondering why we smelled...
  10. J

    Felling Very Fed Up

    2018 another year a bit older and my life is not improving so I thought it's time I put my issues down here. 1. I have no friends, let alone a girlfriend. 2. I've had no carers since 1st November 2017 except for a nurse that comes in for 30 minutes Tuesday teatimes which is a waste of time as I...
  11. P

    Breakdown at work

    Not sure if I m posting this in the right place but here goes. Brief history of me, I have suffered with mental health problems in the past (misdiagnosed bi bolar / depressive disorders) and a bit of anxiety, I was on a whole load of different meds but I ve not been on anything for years now, I...
  12. A

    Confidence/self esteem issue?

    Hi I am a new member, I have been getting problems (I think) with my self esteem/confidence and I have come here to get more help/advice. I have a physical illness that can affect my cognitive function and ability to retain information. I left a healthcare job that I was in for 18 months...
  13. V

    Just joined, I feel my career is a lie

    I have worked very hard to have a successful career, but things have been very difficult for me since age 18. I am now 26 and my career has barely started. I got my offer letter yesterday. It’s been a year since I finished grad school. My first job after my Masters’ was an internship at a...
  14. B

    Is self destructive-ness common among us?

    I have a diagnosis of Bipolar-NOS (not otherwise significant) and i try to hold myself together and enjoy life. But something always happens that makes me feel terrible mentally and then i usually resort to binge drinking (no joke, sometimes I don't remember half of it, but usually wake up...
  15. H

    Has anyone tried online therapy services?

    My girlfriend suffers from BPD and her insurance isn't so great. There are also very few specialized therapists in our area that offer the type of therapy we want (DBT and CBT). I read a review about a company called BetterHelp. It seems really affordable and has a free trial period, it would...
  16. F

    Friends-a question for the schizotypals here.

    I am not dxed schizotypal but definitely have traits. I was wondering how you felt about friends. Do you want them or are you not that interested in friends? I am someone who occasionally needs company but doesn't like anyone getting too close to me. Most of the time though I am happy with my...
  17. S

    "Some people fake mental health..."

    To get out of work. That's what my manager told me when I went to her at the start of a nervous breakdown to tell her I couldn't cope and wanted to go home. She said I was lucky to have a job. Nothing done about the stressful work environment. Short staffed as always. Occupational health...
  18. Tired Daisy

    I'm feeling really depressed right now

    I'm so alone and alone everyday. The only company I get is a 2 hour support session from my support worker. I have no true friends and no family about... I have one friend but he only wants to know me because he has nobody else to hang out with and tbh his company is boring and depressing. I...
  19. D

    Anyone out there? Routine help.

    Does anyone want to have a chat during the day? I am alone all day every day while I search for work. Its started to get to me and I could do with having a cat with people who understand. I feel like I'm slipping backwards. If anyone has any advice on how to keep a routine in place when you...
  20. Tired Daisy

    Looking for a friend

    Please can somebody hang out with me one weekend I live in London I'm looking to go for a beer in a pub maybe go to a Goth Punk place afterward or just hanging out in general I'm getting desperate for some company, just one Friday or Saturday night, thats all I'm asking. Please :(