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  1. R

    memories of the start of care in the community why i'm an old gammon

    i first entered the mental health system at the age of 19 40yrs ago, it was the start of care in the community, as instigated by thatcher. a lot on the left didn't approve i was on this estate at one point the caretaker was a labour party member and unite union member, he would say every time...
  2. N

    Looking at clinical notes?

    I have had major concerns my care team are keeping secret folders on me, this gets worse when I become unwell and it manifests into one big conspiracy against me. My community nurse arranged for all my NHS folders to be shipped to the community learning disability office, All 8 of the folders...
  3. M

    my situation

    Just to give an update to my current situation. After being discharged from basildon mh assessment unit, despite protests from ,my community team, I was unable to cope with my anxiety, the pacing around my room , sleepless nights began and after 5 days without any sleep, I was approved emergency...
  4. C

    hello to all

    looking forward to being part of a community. Hope it develops into a long and productive journey
  5. H

    Hello Everyone, Great to see you all here.

    I am new here and looking forward to connecting with community people. I am an experienced fellow and hope to help you all with my education. Also, it will be great to hear from you all and learn new things.
  6. S

    I’m kind of annoyed

    Didn’t expect to come to a social community and be ignored... I get enough of that in normal life.
  7. M

    I have no sense of community. Please help.

    And it bothers me all day, everyday. I was born into a mixed culture, Christian family and that's caused a bit of an identity crisis along with a lack of belonging. First of all, I'm not Christian. I've never had Christian beliefs even since I was a child (I've always been agnostic, but I...
  8. W

    Difference between community MH and primary care MH?

    Im slightly confused to the difference between the two. Or are they the same thing. Asking from the UK
  9. E

    Do you think being in hospital has made a difference to being in the community?

    Do you think being in hospital has made a difference to being in the community? A study looking at the integration of mental health patients discharged into the community, see sticky post at the top of the list. link Integration of recently discharged mental health patients into the community...
  10. B

    Progression, but still very early days.

    Hello everyone I have only posted in this forum a few times and usually this has been when I have been at a crisis point, I often feel somewhat guilty after posting my frustrations as it is just a form of venting. Following from my last post, I am now no longer homeless. I was staying in a...
  11. Z

    Hello to all..

    Hi, My name is Zara. I am new to this community. It is a great platform to share your life experience with all community members. Thanks...
  12. vanish

    Feeling bloody awful

    Hi forum members (especially Aussies). I feel really low. I was already on the way down from a high state and now I've hit the bottom. I found out today I am ineligible for community support services and I have had my final appointment with my (now ex) support worker. I didn't even know it was...
  13. S

    Thank God I found these forums

    Hello everyone. I am a mentally frazzled recovering alcoholic wearing 1.25 nicotine patches, my fiancee has PTSD and a vortex of resentments. Written this way it looks almost comedic but I am serious. I joined this forum to be in a community of support because my life is hell and chaos. I am...
  14. L


    Hi im lewis, this is my first time here im 32 and have suffered with depression since i was 18, over the years i have learned to live with my condition but i now realise i will never beat it, im hoping to meet some new people and make friends within the community.
  15. S

    Bi polar

    I am the mom of a 21 year old daughter . From age 4 they diagnosed her with ADD. She has been on several meds since diagnosis . In the last few years I’ve noted several changes in my girls behaviour . She is suffering . Everyday is a challenge . Met with the general dr yesterday . Talked with...
  16. T

    Trust issues in friendships

    So I've pushed myself out into the world trembling but determined Met a group of women the grouo has now ended so I put on an event at the community centre. I invited everyone ok so this one woman told me she i set it up don't worry I'll be there even if no one else goes. She texts me THE DAY...
  17. N

    Community mental health team

    What does the CMHT do and how long does it take to be referred?
  18. H


    I'm new here. I don't have much to say. I usually just look up things on Google and I kept finding this site so I decide to join it. If anyone wants to know anything about me then they are more than welcome to ask me. I hope to be a great member of this community. If I'm doing anything wrong...
  19. Lupin731

    Hi. I'm new here.

    Hi everyone, About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I am doing much better now than I was for years before, but some days are still better than others. I am looking for a community, to expand my support network and to offer support in return. XOXO, Lupin
  20. J

    Possible Answers for Specifc Behaviors...

    I’m wondering what some possible answers could be for someone who demonstrates the following behaviors: - Male, late 30’s - Very good looking - Very sarcastic - At first incredibly nice, showers you with compliments and attention, kind and so caring but that changes to become hostile, blunt...