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community treatment order

  1. T

    Community Treatment Orders (Forced Psychiaty)

    A CTO is a legal mechanism designed to ensure treatment compliance. A CTO orders a person to take long acting injections against the patient's will. If the patient does not comply with the CTO conditions, the psychiatrist can write an apprehension order for the police to convey the patient to a...
  2. T

    Hello...I'm down

    I’ve been lurking on this group for a while and thought I’d say hello. I’m currently struggling with relative isolation and a deep depression brought on by side effects from antipsychotics and mood-stabilisers. I’m trying to get the meds changed but my pdoc is adamant that things are going...
  3. T

    Community Treatment Orders

    Do you find community treatment orders to be a violation of your human and civil rights? I was once forced to take injectable neuroleptics even though I was perfectly healthy and did not need any psychopharmacological intervention, that is, after being discharged from the hospital. I stayed...
  4. coldwater00

    Community treatment orders

    - can a person be put on a CTO once they have been discharged from a section 3 (like I was 8 months ago) and have been in the community for all this time?