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  1. L

    New here

    I joined to communicate, and get over this struggle with people who understand! Hello All.
  2. B

    Do you "know" intuitively how to act and communicate with people?

    Do you "know" intuitively how to act and communicate with people? This is regarding Autism, and a statement made by the National Autistic Society on their website that i believe to be truelly innacurate, lazy and totally untrue. The statement made is this "Other people appear to know...
  3. EmptyIInside

    The BPD Music Thread

    I really enjoy music and often relate many lyrics and songs to my illness. These songs make me feel less alone and I find they can sing the words I can’t speak. Since my diagnosis in May I have found loads of songs I relate to BPD. I have a spotify playlist with 139 current followers, if you’d...
  4. D

    Why do I feel like crying???

    am a grown man (mid 40s), divorced in 2010, remarried in 2014, 2 beautiful teenage kids from first marriage, a 2 year old i'd die for and final child on way. I have a reasonably paid and responsible (pressured) job working for an American company from UK office and work around 55 hours a week...
  5. M

    I don't know how to communicate with people or how to make friends

    I don't really. I ve been trying many years but people just ignore me. Any pointers?
  6. T

    Anxiety vs paranoia

    I have been increasingly afraid of leaving my home. I seem to have a phobia towards facing other people, even just to walk past them. I often panic and feel a need to be hidden. I second guess friends who have been nothing but understanding and loyal, and I have been making up scenarios in my...
  7. Poopy Doll

    Where do people who commit suicide go ??

    Ishwar Puri Ji: There is an astro-physical overlap where ghosts and disembodied spirits live and try to communicate with us. For example, those who commit suicide spend time in the overlap.
  8. P

    Tallking to voices.

    "Hey voices, guess we'll talk because you won't leave me the hell alone huh." I say. "Yep, you and us for the rest of your life. You want us to tell people what your problem is yes, you thought that just a second ago. So we'll tell them, we're killing this guy and we communicate horrible...
  9. M


    To communicate
  10. S

    How to describe depression to a complete stranger?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here :) I have a very nasty illness called Fibromyalgia which includes depression as an associated illness. As both illnesses share many symptoms is is difficult to tell where one ends and the other starts. I take Mirtazapine. So I am trying to complete...
  11. shaky

    Eye Contact

    Apparently, other people make eye contact with each other. So I hear. I don't Making eye contact with people is scary I might look at someone's eyes ever so quickly to see if they are looking at me. But to make eye contact with another human being is like saying 'I am your master' or for a...
  12. B

    I have BPD and my separate personalities are coming to the surface. Pretty scared

    I have BPD and my separate personalities are coming to the surface. Pretty scared I could successfully keep a few of my "selves" locked up and they would only show up once in awhile. I am fully aware of when I switch back and forth though. So, I guess what is happening is that I am...
  13. pepecat

    10 things passive people say.

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-squeaky-wheel/201511/10-things-passive-people-say?utm_source=FacebookPost&utm_medium=FBPost&utm_campaign=FBPost How passive you are depends on your personality, your perceptions of the world and your place in it, your feelings of empowerment and...
  14. M

    Depression and "Shutting Down"

    Hi, I have been in a LDR with a man for about 9 months. Two months ago, he lost his dad suddenly and he has been admittedly "sad, depressed, lost and overwhelmed" ever since. 2 weeks ago, he suddenly cut off all communication with me. He has not opened email messages or other communication...
  15. Mister.B

    Pre-verbal others

    So I'm not actually struggling with anything. I was just reading about and consequently thinking about pre-verbal others. I noticed we don't have a thread for this (or a recent one at least). Feel free to share how you cope and communicate with pre-verbal others. For the singletons reading...
  16. V

    How to forgot about somone you love ?

    Hello,I'm 18 years old. I like many girls before,but this time I seriously felt I fall in love. I start to communicate with girl very closly,every day we meet each other,I really like her,and thought she feeling same for me .. It was best few months in my life. But everything turn around very...
  17. E


    i have autism and cant understand what people really mean i need help in understanding how to communicate with people , need to know how to get a girlfriend as there was a girl i wanted to go out with do not understand how this works as in how it starts after it starts and i can understand her...
  18. Raining

    Selective Mutism

    Hi everyone, I'm here because I have Selective Mutism, among other things that haven't been diagnosed. I can't talk to people much in person, so I use the internet to communicate.
  19. B

    Worsening Social Anxiety

    hi everyone, this is my first message in the forum. At first I planned to write about my experiences but it went on and on so I gave it up and deleted it. This actually summarizes the tip of my problem. I was never an extrovert. Ever since I've known myself, I'm a shy person. I also tend to...
  20. amathus

    Underlying problems of self-injury.

    "Underlying problems of self-injury Every person is unique and there may be a variety of reasons why someone resorts to self-injury. Some underlying reasons for self-injury include: ◾anxiety, ◾aggression turned towards the self, ◾low-self esteem, ◾major depressive disorder ◾a way to cope with...