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  1. S

    How common is imagining being someone else?

    I tend to do it mostly in the quiet moments before sleep when your mind wonders. It's not necessarily about being someone well known, although occasionally it is, it's usually about being someone who I imagine to be more successful and popular than I am. Is it common to fantasise like this?
  2. omouri

    eternal snow eternal snow

    hey hello thats me omouri just another depressed and struggling with daily isues boy registrated here whats up i titled the thread like that because thats the song im listening at this moment so i think it will always represent this moment. i love you all and i consideer you as my brothers and...
  3. B

    Confused 😕

    Firstly hello Am new to the forum. My son has been recently diagnosed with first episode psychosis. He has been given olanzapine but I have been told this isn't working. He will be given risperidone. Is this common? The words treatment resistant has been used but we have been told it is early days.
  4. A

    Are these feelings a common part of growing up?

    A curious, disturbung sense of a profound loss that triggers rage, deep grief and even suicidal thoughts was a "gift" I first received on my sixth birthday while laying in my bed with tears in my eyes. Ever since that day, every single birthday keeps making those feelings much deeper and much...
  5. I

    Is this common

    Is anyone else's psychiatrist making them see a therapist? Mine is and it is s annoying. I told him I don't want to see a therapist because it never helped me. I saw many therapists. Even this really nice therapist. I saw her for over a year. But it just doesn't work for me. But my psychiatrist...
  6. F

    Psychosis treatment failure more common in patients with ASD

    Posted by Jessica Martin December 15 2017 Psychosis Treatment Failure More Common in Patients With ASD I wonder whether this also applies to adults.
  7. R

    Is it common to have a complete recovery from schizophrenia?

    I do mean on medication. I have recovered twice from intense three month delusions and a few hallucinations. I have been fully functional and fully in reality for about a year now. I was curious if this happens often, that people fully recover and then have set backs and relapses or if it is...
  8. D

    Face-to-face assessment postponed because of DWP computer problems

    I was supposed to attend a face-to-face assessment about my ESA (I have Support Group) today. I got there (Hatfield, Herts.) at exactly the time I was given i.e. ten minutes before 9.45. When I arrived I was told that the DWP computer systems were down, and the person who was supposed to see...
  9. B

    In denial?

    Hi guys I have very recently received a diagnosed of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder - Impulsive Type. Although I do show a couple of traits of BPD (among other things), I'm finding it very difficult to see myself in/relate to the diagnosis. Is it common for people to be in denial?
  10. L

    How does EUPD affect you?

    Hey everyone. So, I'm just curious, how does EUPD affect you? I've met some people with EUPD and I would say relationship instability, harm and fear of abandonment was common in all and there were trauma linked to the EUPD. Thanks.
  11. Lost_Darkness

    BPD and purging

    I have recently starting purging - another form of harming myself I guess. Is this common with BPD? Do many here do this?
  12. U

    voices more sinister

    hi so my voices are getting more sinister I heard one today say kill them they have often talked about bad things but never heard one like that before is this sort of voice common with bpd?
  13. telekinesis

    Is it common for schizophrenics to convert frequently back and forth to different religions?

    Is it common for schizophrenics to convert frequently back and forth to different religions? I am wondering if this is a common with my schizophrenia because when im due for my shot once a month or less i start to wander about different religions and get deep (i.e. study that sacred language...
  14. amathus

    Daughters of Unloving Mothers ~ 7 common wounds.

  15. F


    I grew up in the late 60's and early 70's when LSD was popular and knew many who were using it. Don't hear about it anymore so wondering if it is still around and common among some drug users.
  16. Detoured

    physical symptoms

    I have schizoaffective and lots of times I get physical weakness, incoordination, and confusion when stressed even by small things like not figuring out payment at a store etc. Bigger stressors really wear me out and make me incapacitated. It seems to be getting worse as I get older (am 37 now)...
  17. M

    Anxiety And HYpomania

    Hi everyone is anxiety and hypomania a common thing
  18. Kerome

    Zembla on Delirium (Dutch TV)

    On Dutch TV there was an interesting programme today about delirium in elderly patients in hospitals. Apparently it happens quite often that patients once they are removed from their familiar environment end up in a delirium, with physical and audible hallucinations and emotive components like...
  19. T

    just need a bit of understanding

    hi, I am pretty depressed at the moment but as this is a common thing for me people basically take no notice of it now. In fact they think I am ok. I have been on ADs for years and also have BPD, which tends to be the reason MH services take no notice. anyway I am so tired, at the end of my...
  20. S

    anyone ever feel like...

    they've gone crazy, totally off the deep end insane? i cant even begin to articulate the emotions....had a whole multiple paragraph post typed up...but couldn't press enter...it seemed too pathetic and self serving...so i'm opting for this instead, i guess. feeling like i should 5150 myself or...