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  1. F

    Young people who self-harm are 3x more likely to commit violence

    Posted by Duke university January 4 2019 Adolescents who self-harm more likely to commit violent crime | EurekAlert! Science News I would like to say that this seems very controversial to me.
  2. E

    Hello, just registered

    I have been struggling with depression all my life. I'm in my middle age now. I found this site when I Googled, "I want to die but I don't want to commit suicide."
  3. A

    Time to go now

    Ready to commit suicide. Fed up of the battle.
  4. S

    will someone listen and be my friend?

    i think i might commit suicide. i really want to at least. is there anyone who will be my friend i can talk to? i have no one.
  5. L

    No motivation other than the drive I feel to commit scuicide.

    Hi, im here because after 4 years I finally slipped and everyone found out im seeking to commit suicide. Currently Im seeing a NHS hospital worker on a every other week basis and am on anti depressants, but neither work in the way they are supposed to, in fact both seemed to make me feel happier...
  6. A

    Desperately low

    Told my CPN I want to die and planning to commit suicide. I'm not sure he believes me. I just spoke to my Mum and told her I can't make it to see her this week. I feel like I need to commit suicide to prove to my CPN that I was serious and not joking. I don't feel able to let go of it. I...
  7. K

    Friend tried to commit suicide and I need advice

    My girlfriend is in a trio of friends and they are all very close with each other. I also know them well. Last night one of them tried to commit suicide by overdosing and apparently this is the seventh time this year she has tried. She refuses to go to the hospital and won't let people help her...
  8. Solitude1


    Why isn't suicide a human right? Why aren't we entitled to commit suicide?
  9. C

    Do people who commit suicide really mean it ? **Trigger warning**

    Ive been getting over my intrusive thought of suicide which btw sacred the hell out of me and I have been thinking. Do people who commit suicide really think its a good idea all the way to the end. It sounds really harsh and I apologise to anyone, but you see Africans dieing of starvation and...
  10. L


    I fear of going to sleep because I don't want to wake back up. This is everynight now and I don't know how to break that unless I commit suicide. It is really bad, I hardly sleep because of it.
  11. Poopy Doll

    Where do people who commit suicide go ??

    Ishwar Puri Ji: There is an astro-physical overlap where ghosts and disembodied spirits live and try to communicate with us. For example, those who commit suicide spend time in the overlap.
  12. V

    Is it selfish?

    Is it selfish to commit suicide?
  13. B


    Had another bad day. had enought of this life need to self harm badly or commit suicide.
  14. shaky

    Waiting and worrying

    I got a call from a venue at the Edinburgh festival to ask if I wanted a space at one of their things. I said I was keen - but I didn't commit to it there and then He said he'd send details - but that the spot isn't reserved until I commit So I'm waiting for the details to come around Terrified...
  15. A

    off to work

    today maybe i can commit suicide mind you id probably survive decisions decisions......
  16. prairiechick


    I wish I could be euthanized or get the death penalty and die by the needle, but we don't have the death penalty in Canada and I don't think I could bring myself to commit a crime that would receive the death penalty in the US.
  17. M

    The ways to reduce suicide

    Suicide is the most serious self-harm.It can be divided into customary suicide, chronic suicide, negligence sexual suicide, psychotic suicide,ect. The formation of suicidal behavior is quite complicated,it refers to Biological, psychological, cultural and environmental factors. According to the...
  18. T

    Help me please :'(

    Can someone please tell me how i qualify for supported/sheltered housing i am being assessed i can't manage living at home alone, so i am staying with my mum at the moment, if i was to go back to my flat i would commit suicide can someone please help thanks
  19. Hayyyleyyy

    I am soo stressed :(

    I'm so stressed. My mum and dad have gone away for the week, so I have my friend staying, he is driving me MAD!! I could scream I could commit murder!
  20. S

    Spy Story

    Okay, that's a weird title for this thread, I know. It's like this: I've spent years dealing with (or trying to deal with) the consequences of being abused by both parents. Every so often, when I think I've really got somewhere with it all, another, deeper layer emerges. So I go looking for...