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  1. S

    Not diagnosed officially but it sounds like me

    Sorry not read no comments yet, how do others cope with this? All advice welcome please, thanks
  2. Deadheading

    Mental Illness is "Weakness"

    OP: "Why the f*** are people so god damn weak these days? Jesus Christ." Response: "Lack of Jesus Christ" Those were two comments in response to an article about Millennials waiting a long time for mental health treatment. This was posted in a Reddit page for fellow countrymen who support the...
  3. S

    Anyone used propranolol for anxiety, even thought its a beta blocker

    All comments welcome??? Kind Regards Jane
  4. Kerome

    Voices and long stories

    I find voices come in a few categories, which interact with our imaginations in different ways... 1. Insignificant comments - these relate to few other things, and so there is little interaction with the rest of the voice world 2. Significant comments - these seem to relate significantly to...
  5. A

    Family reaction

    Hello. I am new here and have joined in the hope that I can discuss things with people who have been through similar things. My question for today relates to how your family has reacted to your anxiety/depression. In short, I suffer on and off from both and have done for many years but was...
  6. L

    Crap at work and crap at dealing with crap at work

    I am rubbish at my job (as usual) and not fast enough. I honestly don't know if there is a job out there that I could do properly. Every day I make stupid mistakes and tonight I dropped a tray from the trolley which was full of gravy and it made the floor slippy and greasy. I didn't have time to...
  7. Tired Daisy

    For the Wellbeing of us all on this Forum

    So I just thought I'd start a thread as things have been getting out of hand lately with people attacking each other and making nasty comments about other users on the forum. Some people have even left the forum as a result of bullying of other members. I will not mention any user names. This...
  8. P

    can't have friends

    i find it too hard to have any friends due to incest from father i was writing a man with my condition, -tsd, and i shoved him away b/c i don't feel good enough for him. i lowered my guard and some anger came out i ex-ressed to him, and now i feel shame and humiliation. i couldn't shake the...
  9. S

    My dad doesn't know me

    I hear stories about other people who have fathers who left them when they were really young. I get jealous. I know it sounds terrible, but I wish my dad would just leave me alone because being around him only ended up in fights and abuse and stress. I'm currently living with him (it's such a...
  10. R

    New here Hi there

    Hi I'm Rachel 12 I'm new to this forum, I have been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder is there any difference between this and BDP? All comments wellcome and thanks for reading this.
  11. S

    How to get over negative comments from people about my appearance

    First, I'm really sorry about complaining so much on here. I joined this site because I wanted to open up about a lot of things that bother me. I never knew I would open up so much to all of you. I'm usually not like that. I'm such a sensitive person. Even things that happened in elementary...
  12. I

    Is this definitely bullying?

    Hi before I take it further is this definitely bullying? one girl always leaves me out in work.place convo making me feel.uncomfprtable,critizimg everything I do.that I've been told by manager making me feel.stupid,making saracastic comments like what a shame when I'm going home going round...
  13. M

    I hate

    I feel like I'm spamming the forum today but here goes I hate being a person who cares how people feel, who cares for animal and who likes everyone because all it's caused me is sadness When I like someone and they don't like me bad = sadness When I read about people hurting animals = sadness...
  14. M

    Who needs friends......

    Im told that humans need and seek interaction with other people... and that its not "normal" to not want to have a small amount of friends or interact with people.. i have no interest in making friends and quite like avoiding these situations... being alone is great.. saves a lot of stress...
  15. 0

    My story as a 22 year old male

    Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place, I am a new member. Anyhow, onto my experience.... I first started feeling down during high school around year 9 which is around 14 years old. I was small for a lad in high school and started to receive various comments about my height during everyone...
  16. D

    Help I'm sinking

    Hi I'm new to the forum. I am struggling to engage in any activity but bathe, take meds and smoke. I had a 3-day run-in with my abusive ex bf and it has set me back into just wanting to do nothing. I am not suicidal but feel helpless to make myself better. Why can't I fight this? Why the...
  17. D

    Touched with Fire film

    Anyone have comments?
  18. A

    Ocd ocd ocd

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me out as I haven't got many people I can talk to. I have posted previously about OCD surrounding bodily fluids and as usual this is what I'm worrying about, sometimes it's easier to get things out of my head but sometimes it just festers and...
  19. M

    Minor depression has led to bad habits

    Hey guys! Brand new here so feel free to point out anything I should be aware of. Anyway, I'm just your regular, run of the mill 18 year old finishing his schooling, has a pretty good life, no family problems, good friends, and lives in a fair area. My problem? For the past 2 or 3 years I'v...
  20. cpuusage

    The Science of Reincarnation

    The Science of Reincarnation | Virginia Magazine [A lot of comments to the article]