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  1. C

    Tight throat?

    Does anyone get the feeling of a tight throat? It keeps coming and going but today (also sunday) it just seems alot worse and i cant get rid of it. I havent had this for a while now but all of a sudden it seems to have come back and i cant get into the doctors until 28th jan. I dont really talk...
  2. B

    Self improvement plan - critique me?

    Hi guys I think everyone on this site is here because we're in the process of recovery from something. For me, social anxiety was a small thing and then I head a health issue that made things a ton worse. But I’m making some good progress now. Right now, I'm about 3/4 into rehabilitation - I...
  3. L

    Another Christmas topic

    Christmas sucks for an introverted guy like me who has depression/social anxiety. Meeting up with family who I haven’t seen or talked to since last year, doing the whole kiss on the cheek hello thing, spending 8 hours stuck indoors hopelessly trying to make conversation, not being able to think...
  4. A

    Family coming down

    Hey everyone, So it’s Christmas next week and my grandparents will be coming down for two weeks. I’m very excited but I noticed it’s also been stressing me out. I’ve been falling back into some old rituals & losing weight. I love them but I hate when they make comments on how thin I am, or say I...
  5. I

    So terribly lonely...

    Hi everyone, I'm not a native speaker so excuse me for the errors. I'm in my late 20s, moved to a foreign country to study and am finishing my degree next month. I had already done everything I had to do for my thesis. I have no friends due to a traumatic experience with my old classmates (I...
  6. D

    Could this be depression ?

    Hello these pass few days on and off i have not feeled like myself. I been having a lot of anxiety i been having low mood on and off ,today probably was the worst . i been getting flu like symptoms feeling like i am coming down with something but feel fine otherwise. Also winter and the...
  7. E

    Rock bottom?

    I just finished a month of intensive outpatient and now I'm back at work full time. I'm really angry because my life isn't the way I want it to be. The frustration is so deep. I'm supposed to be doing good, supposedly, but I'm not good. I hate my job and have no other choice but to stay there...
  8. T

    Gym anxiety

    Hi been going to the gym for three months now later I've been having anxiety attacks because I worry about my heart rate going up and not coming down fast enough. I've had anxiety for years and on meds
  9. J

    Coming off olanzapine [zyprexa]

    Hi , I am currently coming off olanzapine . I was on 20mg daily . I have been reduced to 10 mg daily. Have noticed some anxiety and mental fogg . I am wondering if anyone else has had any withdrawals from olanzapine ? I want to come off completely. Or suggestions on what to watch for . Thanks in...
  10. M

    coming out from the shadows

    Hey all! =^_^= Just wanted to say "hi" :) I'm a newbie coming out from the shadows! This site is full of wonderful information that I'm finding helpful. I look forward to posting as it seems like a safe place. Thanks! ~MysticalGypsyPrincess
  11. hopefulthinking

    Thought broadcasters!!!

    Hello there fellow broadcasters. At the moment I'm trying to figure out why and how this is happening? I know there's probably a lot of people in the same boat as I am. And there has to be something we all have in common. I'm not sure what it is but I want to ask anybody or everybody some...
  12. H

    Coming off the pills

    Could anyone share their experiences of coming off antidepressants? I am almost off after a gradual reduction over the last 9 months. It would really help me to know of others’ experiences as I don’t know anyone who has been in this position. Many thanks
  13. H

    Coming off antidepressants

    Has anyone successfully come off antidepressants long term? I have been on and off antidepressants for 22 years. I have just very gradually come off them after a 5 year spell of 40mg a day.
  14. Zardos

    Bad Day

    I had a panic attack in my sleep this morning.. I woke up in the middle of it.. While I was coming round I had an overwhelming sense of smothering, its a reoccurring nightmare I have.. I had to fight my way out of it and wake myself up as fast as possible.. When I got to my chair I began...
  15. Kerome

    Gaming Disorder coming soon

    They are adding it to the ICD, which means it will soon be part of the mental health standards... ‘Gaming disorder’ is now classified as a mental condition — but there’s reason to be skeptical - The Verge
  16. B

    Hey There

    Hi, started an account a short while ago but forgot to introduce myself. I have a fairly long history of mental health issues but it has been especially bad lately and I thought maybe coming to a place like this might help. Don't know how much I will be posting but thought I would introduce...
  17. spoon-racoon


    Hellooo, I'm just getting the hang of all this. I'm hoping for this forum to help me deal with my mental illnesses, especially my Bipolar II. I'm coming down from a hypomanic episode rn and I feel pretty alright I'm just kinda exploring the site now !
  18. B

    My mental health is deteriorating

    I have had depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have good days and bad days. In the last month or so I have noticed many changes in my mental health and I am fearful for what the near future holds. I woke up a few days ago and the first thought in my head was that I feel...
  19. Anon_21

    Very low tonight

    Been a long time since I've found myself lying on the floor wishing it would swallow me up...guess two months without meds is catching up to me. Trying so hard to be a good mom... Family doesn't understand depression... A year's worth of crying coming back all at once. Been ok for a while but...
  20. Z

    Coming off from Olanzapine

    Hello, Has anyone experienced feeling extremely tired when coming from Olanzapine. I've been on it for the year and I slowly reduced down. Also experiencing bit of anxious, how long will this last? How long before things gets to normal?:cry2: