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  1. S

    Looking for someone to speak to

    this post may go completely unseen/unnoticed, but I was hoping to find someone I can confide in/discuss things I’ve been feeling with, whom I don’t know as I feel that’s the only way I’d feel comfortable doing so. Thank you in advance to anyone who would have the time to do so.
  2. Jth375

    A Comfortable Attempt

    I’m not sure what to really say or do at this point, but I slipped up greatly last night. Living alone, I don’t really have people to talk to nor do I really attempt to find someone to talk to, but I went off the deep end and tried to OD on a mix of things. It wasn’t successful but, what I’m...
  3. Q

    Tips for being more comfortable at home?

    I’ve had anxiety and liked being left alone my whole life. After college, I pretty much isolated myself in my apartment. I’m fully functioning: I have a degree, have no problem with work, and even enjoy parties for short periods of time. The problem is that all of those things require me to...
  4. Kerome

    Surviving Psychiatry Tips

    I was reading this article (in Dutch and on paper) this morning and thought I would translate the highlights because they might be useful. 1. Respect yourself and your experiences 2. Keep responsibility for yourself 3. Judge your actions according to your own norms 4. Take initiative and...
  5. J

    20 year old needs help

    Hello my name is Joe and I'm 20 years old. After finishing high school about 4 years ago I developed bad social anxiety which leased to depression, I had to stop going to college which resulted in me losing pretty much all my friends and for the past 2 years I have barely left the house (about...
  6. X

    You'll never know someone's pain...

    Sometimes I feel unfit for this world. With a depressed mind as weak as mine I am very fragile, I am bitter, I am lonely, I am angry, I am hurting, I am vulnerable. I feel unloved, unwanted and uncared for. I am no longer happy as I used to be. I have lost my confidence and self esteem. I am...
  7. N

    Meds Making Me Feel Foggy and Scared of my Psychiatrist

    Hi, This post will probably just be a long complaint so I'm sorry about that. I'm on 2mg of Risperdone in the morning and 2 at night. It used to be only 1 in the morning, but that wasn't completely stopping the delusions so we decided to up it. I haven't had a delusion in the two weeks since my...
  8. G

    Feels Like I'm All Alone With Everyone Around Me

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with depression 11 years ago at 13. I had been admitted to hospitals through adolescence but since becoming an adult, I've learned my lesson about sharing how I feel publicly because opening my mouth only gave me unwanted attention. I have been on medication...
  9. biblophile


    I am new to this site. I have been living with depression, and social anxiety for years, I am now just becoming comfortable with the internet and thought I might reach out to others like myself.
  10. F

    Here's hoping...

    Hey all :) Just wanted to say :hi: I'm not sure what I have, definitely depression, some sort of mood disorder, some anxiety mixed in. And a whole lot of me. Don't know what to expect. Just know I need something somewhere that I can be me with all my crazy and be comfortable with it too. Cuz...
  11. J

    How to deal with this?

    I feel like im trapped and cant change this. I got friends i dont want to see no more. I feel i got nothing relative with them no more but i just cant stop seeing them even tho im getting ignored and.. they are just people i want to get away from but in the same time i got no other friends to...
  12. T

    Scared of making RL friends?

    Following on from a thought... Is anyone else scared of making friends? I have opportunities to make friends, local, real, nice people. They offer an opportunity, and I freak out. Why do I do that? Does anyone else do that and know why?? I am OK with keeping people in their boxes - work friend...
  13. 1

    Social Anxiety feeling of closterphobia people closing in on me

    I remember a time when I was younger that I was always the center of attention. Always getting in trouble for talking to other students in class. And after my mom stopped making me go to school, I don't feel comfortable around people. It feels like they are closing in on me kinda claustrophobic...
  14. J

    Hello, I am new to this site, looking for some encouragement

    I have been in a depression rut for at least 10 yrs now and have become quite comfortable in my own isolated world.
  15. Frodo Baggins

    I feel most comfortable sat in my room a lone

    I generally feel most comfortable in my room on my own. it's so much easier than having to talk to other people or going out and about. and when im out just cant wait to get back. was wondering if anyone had any advice.
  16. V

    Anxiety causing back pain?

    Had one of those 'oh yeah' moments today. I've had a bad back for a year since injuring it, it gets better and worse. Last night I tossed and turned and couldn't get comfortable to sleep. Sorry thoughts all muddled this made sense before I started posting! Basically could anxiety stop me from...
  17. B


    I'm scared of people. I hate going anywhere. I hate calling people. I'm scared I'm screwing everything up. I just don't feel comfortable being around people. :( just wish I wasn't like this.
  18. U

    New Member here

    Hello, I just registered here. I have been wanting to find a MH forum for a while and figured that I would give a look for one now since I cannot sleep. My current life is: I am a mid-thirties male Married, one child My MH Background is: Dad is fine. Mom is bi-polar and lives in a rest...
  19. A

    My CBT experience

    Hi all, I had attended my first session in CBT, it was just like a casual conversation, I feel positive after the session. My therapist had asked me in detailed about my problems and treatment history. But the thing is that it’s hard to share our experience with a stranger. Even though...
  20. B


    So, hello everyone. I'm not sure if I should be here, I'm not even quite sure if or what is wrong with me. All I know is I'm having some difficulty getting on with life these days, and it's getting to be a problem I can't ignore. I have made an appointment through my GP but have to wait until...