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  1. H

    Acting cold towards everything and everyone helps anxiety

    Me and my girlfriend are in a situation where she wants us to go somewhere for about two or so day and due the fact her family is there and all the drama that comes with it and how I wouldn't feel comfortable even breathing near those people it causes me a lot of stress and anxiety because my...
  2. M

    Cold turkey

    So I have come of all my meds for a week now.. I feel utterly rubbish and emotional. Im tired of taking meds all the time and all the side effects. Everyone thinks this is a bad idea and I will crash and burn no one has faith that I can beat this illness without meds. I just feel alone.
  3. D

    My Emotions are Ruining everything

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone else out there has advice on emotions. I'm literally flying off the handle all the time. Slight criticism from my girlfriend about my appearance or my actions make me shut down or get angry. I'm jealous of her friendship with her ex boyfriend so I get cold...
  4. L

    Severe chills?

    Hi, I’ve just started Uni and so I’ve been pretty anxious for a while now. But on the first night I suffered some really odd chills and I want to know if anyone’s suffered anything similar. Basically I was freezing, but I didn’t have goosebumps or shivers. I put thick winter PJs on with socks...
  5. Q

    Talking therapy denied

    I had recently paid by local community mental health team an official compliment. However despite being sincere in this I can't get a care manager despite severe difficulties. I am regarded as "severely disabled". And talking therapies will not even assess me. They were cool even quite cold...
  6. G

    Wife just said something to me!

    My wife says she likes it when I drink. She says I am more talkative,happier and less worried about time. She says If she could have me this way all the time I would be in trouble(she had a smile on her face so I am taking it as a good thing). Not sure what that means. She says when I am not...
  7. S

    I despise summer and it increases my depressive feelings

    First of all, it's very reassuring to know I'm not the only one who struggles with increased depressive feelings during summer. I thought something was seriously wrong with me - well, maybe there is. I honestly loathe summer and I don't know why. I crave cold, wintery days, and I love rain. I...
  8. B

    Social anxiety and COLD/SHIVERS

    I don't really know what I'm hoping to achieve here .. but I go into a warm college building filled with other people, and I go cold, my heartbeat goes from about 65 to 85, but I feel it pounding harder, and I feel like how you do when you shiver during an illness. ( I may have Reynaud's too my...
  9. D

    Going Cold Turkey on Abilify

    Time to get off this stuff, gone cold turkey its been 4 days no ill effects
  10. 6

    Haven't been around much

    I have been doing pretty good. But sometimes I think I would do better if I didn't have any faith at all. It seems to keep failing me. And I am so confused by my failing faith. I know a few things are hurting my chances of feeling good.... the fact that is it bitterly cold, Christmas is over...
  11. B

    Had major attack and continues

    Thursday morning, I still didn’t have any proper heating. It conked out on Christmas Day. The cold coming was being hailed as a record breaker. That it was incredibly dangerous. As 11 am rolled around, I started to flip out as my fingers started to get cold and a breeze was coming from under...
  12. B

    Cold AF!

    Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Me... NOPE! Because at 7 am promptly, my window heating unit decided to die. Yes... DIE! Apparently, the tree near it got tangled in it due to strong wind gusts. And the motor went... bye bye. Gets better.... My landlords were not at home and...
  13. B

    Black Bean veggie Burger & Sauerkraut

    I know, that might sound pretty disgusting but it is so good. The veggie burger is only 110 calories each and organic cold sauerkraut (half cup). No bun for the veggie patties. It’s super filling and Sauerkraut is full of probiotics. MorningStar Farms(R) Spicy Black Bean Burgers
  14. C

    Does my ex have it?

    We got together in January, she bought me like 20 gifts for my birthday and Valentines, Came to see me a month after meeting, (She's in another country) Things were going great up until September, when she met these guys on PS4, and started playing with them. I knew exactly what they were doing...
  15. Not_Crazy_Yet

    What is the strongest Drug/ Drink you've ever had? And why would you or wouldn't you do it again?

    What is the strongest Drug/ Drink you've ever had? And why would you or wouldn't you do it again? That's a hard one for me to say as I've been on several combinations of things before. But I would say the thing that caused me the most distress was some MJ that I got ahold of that was laced. I...
  16. I

    Sunday night / I lie awake

    Hi all. I'm new here, so a big hello and look forward to speaking, sharing and supporting. It's a bit hard to be formal and open. Awkward moment. I feel sad. I lie awake in bed, it's 1:30 am. I just got promoted at my job on Friday. I felt alone, it was uneventful, I was tired, my coworkers...
  17. T

    Put a fork in me im done

    Winter sucks Someone said I might had SAD I think that I have cold wet grey old England disorder. how do you cope?
  18. N

    Recovered and Bouncing Back

    Hi everyone, Following on from a combination of factors, what with having a mad and deep seated mouth infection, plus I have nasal catarrh drip problems anyhow, and then down with a slight cold over the New Year festiival, plus what what with the New Year festiivities, inadvertantly I ate a bit...
  19. N

    Could the symptons be, that, of a cold?

    Hi All, For the past few days, I haven't been very well, with a sore neck, brushed that off, and now a sore throat, I haven't had a cold, not for a good few years now, so I'm having a slight problem in deciphering whether if it is a cold, I'm going through. It is a sore throat at the moment...
  20. A

    Cold sweats

    Does anyone else get cold sweats that come and go when you are anxious?