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  1. A

    Coffee's effect on antidepressants

    This year four different psychiatrists have strongly recommended me to completely avoid coffee. I'm under treatment with a combination of sertraline and mirtazapine. But in the scientific medical journals I couldn't find any consensus on this topic. What has your doctor recommend you about coffee?
  2. letmein

    when your desperate...........

    @ 7 am this morning, I made a plan. I chose a method and a day to take control on my none life. my exit was set @ 9 am i broke down and creed like a baby @ 10 am I forced myself out for a coffee with my daughter @ 2 pm i'm starting to get low again today has been a roller coaster of...
  3. Ivory_NK

    Anyone with psychosis/schizophrenia

    want to meet for coffee or something? maybe a few of us get together? im in waltham forest area
  4. F

    This is my first post... I need help.

    Hi. I'm new here, but I need someone to talk to about my situation because I actually have 0 friends, and my family has made it abundantly clear they will not help me. I've been unemployed since June, I was fired because I ran out of my medication for 1 week, and was told I was "Scaring the...
  5. P

    Craft group should I leave?

    Hi, seems wrong to be posting this on here when people are dealing with serious problems but I need an opinion on a minor worry I have, I've got no friend in 'real life' to ask. My cpn wanted me to join a ' craft group' so I did. I liked some of the women there,( though I don't like doing...
  6. letmein

    coffee alone...

    I went for a coffee today on my own, trendy little place lots going on.... people on phones and laptops, friends laughing, babies crying...... I was even more alone out of the house with people around me than I am in my flat isolated @ least here its my safe zone.
  7. T

    Feeling alienated from others

    When I'm around people it increases my self consciousness to the point where I am a great listener but worried people find me strange The thing is I am strange Strange to myself. I go and meet up with friends for coffee and during the break I went out for a cigarete I just walked out Then I...
  8. M

    Food for depression

    It is hard to eat anything decent before dusk so i bought a blender. Frozen fruit in freezer. I like red berries but you can buy a smoothie bag with all you need inside. Green bananas, they ripen v fast, small ones if possible. Oats Put banana in blender, sprinkle some berries, pour some...
  9. Ender


    Hi all, My name is Alec. I'm a student and musician. After being diagnosed with bipolar type 2 I wanted to find a supportive community, so here I am. As far as interests go, I'm into classic rock, love to read, and drink lots of coffee.
  10. Drooo

    What's the link between coffee, caffeine, anxiety and panic attacks?

    This article from Psychology Today briefly discusses the effects of coffee, the modern-day 'coffee culture' and the impact of caffeine on anxiety and related mental health issues. "Many people overlook the fact that caffeine indirectly increases norepinephrine and causes symptoms essentially...
  11. boudreauj4

    Do you love your coffee?

    I don't think I could survive without coffee as it is one of the few pleasures that remain in my life. I once read in a schizophrenia book that many people with schizophrenia drink an abnormally large amount of coffee. I am one of those people. I recently had a $3 off coupon for some...
  12. M

    hello world

    cheesy pun title is cheesy my name is coyote, i’m eighteen and an artist who loves to draw and animate, write, garden and everything science! my favorite band is glass animals, and my favorite shows are the good place, pushing daisies, x-files and wolf 359. i also stay up way too late and drink...
  13. D

    Suffered from depression for years, something that’s really helped me...

    Suffered from depression for years, something that’s really helped me... My mom committed suicide from depression when I was 17 years old and they found her body on my prom night. Pretty traumatic for me and I suffered silently ever since. More recently my depression became much worse and Ive...
  14. Fairy Lucretia

    coffee tomorrow

    my sister really wants to take me for a coffee tomorrow im scared i haven't been out other than to for a blood test and to walk maddie for 2 years also im worried it will affect my PIP i get standard rate for being able to make no journey im scared they will take that away from me if i go for...
  15. M

    Does Discrimination Against People with Schizopnrenia Exist?

    Hello, The other day I was attended a support group for people with mental health challenges. It was being held at local coffee shop. I entered the coffee shop walked past the counter with the two other co-facilitators and arrived at the back room where the support group was going to be held. I...
  16. P

    Coffee question!

    Does coffee interacts with psychotic meds? Is coffee stimulant to psychosis?
  17. P

    A Day In The Life, VOICES

    Hey Everyone, So i put a day in the life as my title along with voices because i hear voices everyday basically all day. There not bad today like them being mean. so im pretty happy about that... Im just chilling drinking some coffee. for me being 22 i sure love me some coffee HAHA!!!. Random...

    Coffee shop computing.

    So I got a new laptop, and I like to take it with me to a coffee shop. I am following a coding course which will help me build websites. Does anyone take their laptop to the coffee shop? I was there today, but wondering about etiquette. I am just wondering how much you need to spend and...
  19. S

    struggling to be awake ?

    actually i am taking medication prescribed for me but i struggling to be awake i said this to doctor he said nothing you take cause this and said force yourself to awake and said you should never never sleep in the daytime but what happen after that !! yesterday i slept 13 hour and feel...
  20. letmein

    the joys of benefits............

    I know I shouldn't complain but how are we supposed to live? I just got my monies today and already its gone, paid bills. got 10 quids worth of food and had a coffee out and now I have 3 quid to last 14 days.. not sure how thats going to work out :(