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  1. E

    Blushing problem

    Hi I am 26 years old and I still suffer from blushing. I have been trying to live with this problem for several years , but I realized that I just can't live with it, this is becoming more and more exshusting, And this is affecting my social life and also my career. Do I need a psychological...
  2. C

    Wrexham County Borough

    Wrexham and surrounding areas Advance Brighter Futures Advance Brighter Futures Belmont House 3 Belmont Road Wrexham LL13 7PW  01978 364 777 [email protected] Vision: To ensure that no individual experiencing mental health problems ever feels like they are on their own. Mission: To work...
  3. J

    Have you had any experience with online therapy...?

    Hello out there, I have just moved to another country and i have been recommended to try some onlie counselling as we are having some trouble setteling in. My kids have started school which is great and they love it... however i feel my wife and i are drifting apart.... Anyone out there who...