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  1. M

    Guilt OCD and confessing

    Hello! I've had different types of OCD thoughts. But when guilt from a past mistake comes up, it's always the worst because it's been done. Sometimes it's hard to know if it's the OCD twisting my mind, or if I should confess. Three years ago, I went to Prague on a trip with the company I worked...
  2. valleygirl

    Does BPD Get Worse With Age?

    Seems like that's what's happening to me. I used to at least have friends and get along with my co-workers. Now I don't have any friends and am too scared to try making any, and inside I am so annoyed with co-workers who just sit there and don't pull their weight. But I am afraid to say...
  3. prairiechick


    I don't know why, but this evening I have been remembering about a person I knew who committed suicide. He was a participant at a resource centre where I used to work. I worked with his 3 beautiful children for 8 years. He hadn't been there for a long time, and then one day he showed up. He...
  4. RoboJam

    Stoked about working but can't handle people

    I was out for a month and I had my first day back at work. Wasn't the greatest because I think I should've took more time off to recuperate. The upside is that it kept me busy, downside is my anxiety broke loose in front of customers and my co-workers. I think the thought of too many people...
  5. prairiechick

    Co-Worker Driving Me Crazy--Need To Vent

    I'm "volunteering" at the neighbourhood spring clean-up on Saturday (tomorrow). Grrr. The family centre where I work is doing all the food for all the volunteers. I committed to the clean-up, which is from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Our food coordinator pretty much bullied me and a few of my...
  6. prairiechick

    More and more suicidal thoughts

    Thoughts of suicide are becoming so common now that it doesn't really bother me anymore. It's like it's something I can fall back on life gets too intolerable. And thanks to a stupid doctor, I know just the right cocktail of drugs to shut down my central nervous system. Lately I've been...