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  1. sunflower


    I know I've posted loads on here lately about my situation and my state of mind, so won't go into that too much now. Just want to give a quick update. Probably will forget half the stuff I want to say (should have written before when not so tired). May add more tomoz....... 1. Have moved...
  2. sunflower

    POSS TRIGG = Waiting, wondering, decisions

    Been waiting for a bed to come up in psych unit for nearly a week now. Still no news. Initially, is an elective week, but needs discussing once in. I've been really suicidal and planning funeral etc. To get me through this past week, and stop me acting on suicidal thoughts, I've been SH'ing...
  3. sunflower

    I've made a decision today

    Going to tell my GP and care co-ord tomoz. Will be ok. For once, I won't need my notes.
  4. sunflower

    Mood is crashing big time

    After a couple of crazy, suicidal weeks with numerous running away, police, MH assessments etc, I've spent the last week or so really working hard trying to distract. There's a care planning meeting for me on 7th April so I'm trying so hard to hold it together until then. Trouble is, the...