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  1. Funnyday

    CMHT and my driving license

    I applied for a driving license with DVLA back at the beginning of October. After the CMHT changed the psychiatrist 3 times on me. At last I got to see a Shrink. After asking me a few questions. She turned round and said that she has a long form to fill out. She said that in the end it is down...
  2. N


    Hi, I’m new here. I posted in one of the lower tagged sections because I’m having quite a negative experience with the CMHT. I’d really appreciate some advice. Thanks N
  3. N

    CPN and CMHT Ignoring me/fobbing me off!

    Hi, My title might suggest I’m a bit anxious but things right now are fairly awful. I had a CPN who ended up going off sick for 4 months. During this time I saw another person once, they were rude and critical. So my original CPN returned. I saw her twice. She saw me once, went on annual leave...
  4. N

    CMHT Referrals - how many weeks?

    Hi Morning All, Folks, I am just wondering,and I had trialed the question with my GP service I've just come off the line, would anybody here know or have an idea, roughly how many weeks might take, if I do recieve an referral, for CMHT? If anybody on here does know, this will be of great...
  5. N

    Sugary Based Med - Abilify - Boils Condiitons/Problems (over years)

    Hi Evening Folks, Over the y ears, from dating back 2007, when first introduced to Abilify, and currently I am still on the same med, the only setback I have is, is that it contains sugar, based items such as fructose, and sucrolose, and I am sure that over the years, and not hopefully more...
  6. icannotcope

    CMHT Care Coordinator

    A few months ago I had to go to the community mental health team and was given a Care Coordinator a few weeks ago. But today I saw her and tell you want I feel like forgetting the whole thing because I am there to get help with PTSD from being rape by my ex-husband a few years ago, so I am...
  7. fazza

    ode to a flame

    Give me a match i will light my cigerette. Give me a box and i will bring down my local cmht. FUCK THEM
  8. A

    New to this

    Hi all I'm Amy. I 30 years old and have suffered all my life with mental health. I am under the care of CMHT . The last few weeks I have struggled more than ever. I came across this site and have found reading through people's chats helpful.
  9. mami5


    What do you do if you have no faith or trust....and are totally scared of your CMHT? How do you work with them? :cry2:
  10. Fairy Lucretia

    Obsessed with suicide

    im fairly desperate to die-although im not feeling that bad it is more like i have to be ready for the inevitable must die before my aunt as CMHT have let me down and i can't be alone im still a child x
  11. W

    Going round and circles

    Trying to get help for anxiety and I feel like im going round in circles. I go from the CMHT to the GP to the CMHT back to the GP.
  12. 8

    Hi, how many people have been let down by the CMHT?

    I have been suffering with problems since a young age and been under the CMHT for years, on and off ever since an overdose many years ago but was never diagnosed with anything. I suffered from Server mood swings (between very highs, Lows, very low and violent outbursts) along with Epilepsy and...
  13. W

    What to do now..

    So I had a CPN who i saw twice and on the second(last time i saw her) she gave me a phone number for CBT over the phone...however I dont feel comfortable talking to someone over the phone. I went to my GP to discuss this, she told me im already under the CMHT so i need to speak to them...phoned...
  14. Z

    CMHT Experiences

    So, last month I was accepted back via my GPs referral to the CMHT (due to my ongoing struggles) after six months consolidation from them since July 2017 when they out of the blue discharged me because I finished approximately six months of CAT therapy in the March and had my final follow up...
  15. 1

    My GP is being a pain help

    So you guys are probably sick of hearing from me with this subject but here goes. So I got what I wanted from cmht and was discharged on Tuesday. Go into my gp today to get my prescription as im still on weekly scrips. Told him that id got my discharge and he instantly shuts me down. We almost...
  16. 1

    So I've just had my appointment

    Im upset and furious. All I wanted today was an answer can I have my discharge or not? She didnt even answer they are taking it to the mdt meeting on Tuesday. I just want my life back, back to being alone and managing not having incidents just managing. I cant deal with this anymore constantly...
  17. C

    Unhelpful CMHT appointment - considering private

    I have struggled with my mental health for all my life and have been in and out of therapy for the past 7 years. I am currently on 100mg of sertraline to help my low moods and anxiety which is really helping. Basically i am more than certain I have a personality disorder, or bipolar. I relate...
  18. 1

    Help with CMHT and self discharge

    hi im new to the forum and am looking for some advice and support with my diagnosis and the services im under currently. ill start from the begging, ive been struggling with personality disorder for a while but only been under services since June of last year and only been diagnosed since...
  19. Angel Of Darkness


    Just to update, I'm ok, just about. As you know, I put out a call for help on the forum and I understand that you guys couldn't really do much for me at the time, I managed to get help via a friend on FB (facebook) and an ambulance came plus the Police who had to break in. I was taken to Bedford...
  20. N

    Community mental health team

    What does the CMHT do and how long does it take to be referred?