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  1. U

    Do I have "clumsiness syndrome" ?

    I have a problem with coordination and that's why I have a problem with counting, maths and driving. I am also a slow learner. You can read about my condition here in this thread. Really lost and worse, I'm unemployed I decided to start a new thread here instead of asking this question there...
  2. Solitude1

    Getting Back to Life... Some Problems Still Exist

    Hello, good time everyone. I am the one who wanted to commit suicide months ago. Now everything is fine and I'm not that depressed or anxious anymore. Actually tremors are gone, they only come occasionally. And other physical problems are no more here. About mental health, nowadays my memory is...
  3. Singin'InTheRainClouds

    Clumsiness and bipolar disorder; meds causing? other?

    Hello. I'm new to this forum. I look forward to participating when I can. I've seen a lot of comments elsewhere in the net from people who have clumsiness with bipolar disorder. Some think it's just part of being bipolar. Anything here want to discuss this? I never used to be clumsy. I was...
  4. mygirl1uk

    Does anyone else suffer with clumsiness?

    I have BPD, Depression and GAD. I suffer with insomnia quite regularly. But was wondering does anyone else suffer with clumsiness? 11 weeks ago I broke my big toe on my L foot and yesterday I fell and have broken 2 toes on my R foot. So my question is am I the only one or do others get...