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  1. S

    Coperate Ignorance

    Hi, I have been sacked by my company because they claim I don't have the capacity to do my job. I counter claim that it is Discrimination. After 20 years and the past 6 years I believe I have been a victim of direct discrimination because of who I am. Reasonable adjustments were made after 2.5...
  2. F

    Initiating conversations ?

    Something I don't do. I just never know what to say , or when there's an opening to do so. I mean you can't just go up to someone and start talking to them,can you ? Perhaps there's non verbal signs that give you a pointer re initiating,but if there are I'm clueless as to what they are.
  3. S

    My friend thinks he's insane

    Hi guys I am looking for some advice for a friend of mine. I have know him for about 7 years now over the Internet and not personally. I never expected anything to be wrong with him as he seemed so normal and easy to talk to. Only recently has he opened up to me and told me about his issues. He...
  4. D

    Good morning! New and a bit scared :(

    Hello. As stated above I'm new to this but unfortunately not new to the life of extreme anxiety. I would love to make new friends who understand how seriously this affects our lives and to exchange kind,supportive and friendly advice. Like many anxiety sufferers I'm a very good listener and...
  5. trinny

    free well being app

    Hiy dont know if im in right place but saw nhs free wellbeing app somwhere on here but it dont seem to be free as im clueless on pc wonder can anyone suggest. Thanx
  6. D

    much medical jargon

    Looked for place for this....maybe here. If anyone can answer would be great help. I've translated most of it, this is stuff googled but confused . Can put simply!! Medical jargon - what is a periarrest? Blood work showed a Crea 107? Now, I know this is to do with heart. I get most of first...
  7. J


    Just heard that the awful Atos are quitting the work assessments :). However does anyone know where it leaves me and those in my position? When I won my tribunal they advised I should not be re-assessed for at least 12 months which will be October 2014. But with this clueless government not...
  8. OobieMoobie

    Has anyone lived in an oil heated house?

    Hey guys So basically, I'm having to switch accommodation for uni due to some very sad circumstances with my previous landlord :low: and in a few weeks I'll be moving into a gorgeous 1900 mansion which is probably haunted :eek: There's 6 of us living there (it's 5 bedrooms, I actually have to...
  9. S

    Advice from people with no ED

    Here's a tiny rant.. I hate it when u take like all ur courage to tell someone about ur ed in hopes for some type of advice, help or encouragement and all they can say is..well why don't u just stop? Ha!! If only it were that easy! Psh I wish :( This is why now I always appreciate advice from...
  10. U

    clueless about benifits!! esa etc can use guys fill me in pls

    hello iv been lookin at the threads regarding esa,benifits,atos reports etc!! and my heads up my arse i dont understand any of it??? im on incapacity benifit an dla.... will i be changed from the incap to esa??an will i need another medical...sorry if i seem clueless but i am and what is the...
  11. T

    Back to earth im afraid

    Well after a two week 1st hypomania i feel blue. I dont know if this is because it has eneded or because they stopped my anti d two weeks ago going to try the gym this morning but i just want to curl up in bed. i am so clueless to this illnewss att the moment. every day is like a new...