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  1. NicoretteGummed

    Clozaril Whilst Schizo-Affective.

    I'm wondering what other peoples stories on Clozaril are and if they feel it's helped them or made them worse??? I feel at the moment to confused about it all to make a proper answer.
  2. N

    Coming off Clozapine (Clozaril)

    What is the best approach in tapering off Clozapine? Something like (day yes day no): 02/jan: -12,5mg => 437,5mg 03/jan: ------ 04/jan: -12,5mg => 425mg 05/jan: ------ 06/jan: -12,5mg => 412,5mg 07/jan: ------ 08/jan: -12,5mg => 400mg 09/jan: ------ 10/jan: -25mg => 375mg 11/jan: ------ 12/jan...
  3. NicoretteGummed

    Is intelligence fixed or can you gain or lose intelligeintelligence nce depending on how often you exercise your brain???

    Is intelligence fixed or can you gain or lose intelligeintelligence nce depending on how often you exercise your brain??? I think there are many many different types of intelligence. For example, there's social intelligence, mathematic intelligence, physical intelligence such as gymnasts and...
  4. F


    Hi folks I'm a 48 yo single guy just started on clozaril 6 weeks ago. I'd welcome some new friends, I'm friendly and interesting
  5. jax


    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone here is on Clozaril to treat your Bipolar? I know that here in Belfast, there is only a handful of people with Bipolar on Clozaril. I was placed on it last year while in hospital as nothing else worked. I remained stable once on it for 10 months, which was...
  6. jax


    I've been with HTT all week. They aren't really doing a lot. They have taken my lithium levels last week and taken my Clozaril levels about 10 days ago. Apparently the Clozaril levels take 10 days to come back and I am hopeful that they will get those levels on Monday and I can have the...
  7. H


    I have been on clozaril for 8 years and i want to reduce it, but my psychiatrist says he won't because i am too dangerous when I'm not on medication. Should i ask for a second opinion? or Just stay on the clozaril? I'm worried about the long term effects of being on it.
  8. NicoretteGummed

    Is The Anti-Psychotic Drug Clozaril A Silent Killer???

    I'm known on this Forum for having if not a pro-med reputation then an anti-anti med reputation. However I draw the line when it comes to Haloperidol and Clozaril. Clozaril is touted as a wonderdrug for Treatment resistant Schizophrenia by many in the Psychiatric profession but just a quick...
  9. N

    Hypnagogia a sign of schizophrenia

    I am diagnosed with schizophrenia and indeed have had two full blown psychotic episodes over the last six years. For many years prior to my diagnosis I had Hypnagogia when sleeping or waking which was very unpleasant. I was prescribed Risperdal when I first became unwell and was on Risperdal...
  10. maxny


    I am very hesitant to take Clozaril for the voices, but it is the one my psych is pushing, and I am inpatient currently as I have mentioned. Would you be willing to take it just for mild but persistent internal voices? Or has anyone had experience? In the US there seem to have been 1400 fatal...
  11. J

    medication CLOZARIL ??

    HI just wondering if anybody has current takes clozaril ?? and has information experiences etc my, husbands due to start tomorrow and there is quite a lot of good/bad information any advice ?? thanks
  12. A

    clozapine (clozaril) Salivation side effect

    Hi I am currently on clozapine(clozaril) 300mgs at night. for Schizophrenia I have terrible problems with hypersalivation meaning i miss breakfast and lunch because I am invaribly ill if I eat earlier on in the day I often feel like i am about to be ill with the saliva sitting in my throat...
  13. D

    Mirtazapine or something else?

    hi this is my first post..... i've been on mirtazapine for 3 years (2 years at 30mg then 1 year at 45mg) at night. as well as this i take clozaril 200mg. these both make me sleep through the whole night (which is good) but i have a baby on the way and i need to be more alert at night (for night...
  14. T

    Where is me ?

    Over the years i've tried many siutations, to find the best for my happiness 1: if i take me mediction as prescribed - life is dull and miserable, I have No motivation and i'm constantly in and out of bed - severely depressed 2: if i take my mediction and use cannabis - i'm much more alive...